Car Lease Negotiation Tips; Is Buying A High Mileage Used Vehicle Sensible? | Talking Cars #298

Car Lease Negotiation Tips; Is Buying A High Mileage Used Vehicle Sensible? | Talking Cars #298 1

This week we discuss whether you should always trust a dealer's advice on maintenance intervals; if seat protector mats are safe to use with child seats; if purchasing a used CR recommended vehicle with high mileage is a wise choice; tips for negotiating a car lease, and if asking to have an independent mechanic check a certified pre-owned car is an automotive faux pas.


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00:00 – Intro
01:29 – Question #1: Should you always trust dealer’s advice on car maintenance schedule?
06:12 – Question #2: Is it safe to use seat protector mats with child seats?
09:10 – Question #3: Is purchasing a used CR recommenced vehicle with high mileage a wise choice?
11:45 – Question #4: What are some of the caveats to look out for when negotiating on a car lease?
17:48 – Question #5: Why don’t car makers build cars with replaceable stereo head units?
23:56 – Question #6: Is having an independent mechanic inspect a certified pre-owned car an automotive faux pas?


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7 Comments on "Car Lease Negotiation Tips; Is Buying A High Mileage Used Vehicle Sensible? | Talking Cars #298"

  1. Great advice as always!!! One question…on negotiating a lease, I believe from the couple of times I leased, your lease payment is based on the depreciated value of the car (which is calculated off the MSRP), as well as the money factor, and a few other minor things. So, if you are able to negotiate a lower price of the car, your payments will be lower, no? For example, a 100k car that will be worth 55% at the end of the 3 year lease, or 55k. The delta is 45k. So, your payments will include paying off that 45k. BUT, if you negotiate the price of the car down to 95k, that’s 5k less to be figured into the lease since you’ll be paying off only 40k. That’s about $138/month over the 36 months per payment you are saving…Am I wrong?

  2. Telling a customer they need to flush a “lifetime” transmission at 35k mi is one example why people call them “stealerships”…

  3. I never change transmission fluid

  4. 4:28. WRONG!!!! NEVER EVER do a transmission FLUSH unless you want to kiss your transmission goodbye. And some lifetime transmission fluid really are lifetime such as with toyota and Lexus.

  5. You may have missed a perfect opportunity to discuss “high mileage” on the traditional ICE car vs an EV. We have lots of history to show how engines and transmissions age and fail but what about high mileage Teslas? I think the general public would be afraid of a 150k mile Tesla but a former owner of one might find them the deal of the century since the perception is to stay away. Would love to hear about the topic in the future.

  6. 2016 CR-V page 134, (Normal Conditions) Replace Transmission every 90K miles. If you plan on keeping the vehicle for a long time cut that number in half. The stealership should have said its time to replace the Spark Plugs at 30K miles.

  7. You never “turn in a lease” you sell a lease right before the lease is up. Carvana, Shift, Vroom, Carmax. If you have positive equity why give that money away?

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