Why Hybrid Vehicles Are a Smart Choice Right Now #Shorts

Why Hybrid Vehicles Are A Smart Choice Right Now #Shorts 1

If you’re not ready for a full-on EV but still want to save on gas, a hybrid is your best bet. See ratings and reviews at

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  1. Miguel Blanco | December 1, 2022 at 9:10 AM |

    Diesel is your best Choice.

  2. The awkward hybrid weight balance coupled with the need to maintain a traditional ICE. I recommend hybrids to all my A to B friends

  3. There is only ONE Choice for a Hybrid.
    That is Toyota. Lexus counts as a Toyota as well.
    Toyota has developed the best and most reliable Hybrid for decades now.

    Also Toyota has the best CVT (eCVT).
    And lets NOT forget that Toyota has developed the better engines too.

    You want a RELIABLE, Well BUILT Hybrid vehicle?
    Then simply go with Toyota. Our Toyota vehicles have lasted over 15 years and we expect many more years to come.

  4. But there’s markups on almost all of them that outweigh the benefits?

  5. Is the reliability of hybrids the same as in ICE models among different brands? Is Ford still as bad in reliability, as in their ICE cars/trucks?

  6. Plug in hybrid is better choice. Pure electric for local driving and hybrid for distance

  7. I looked into a Toyota EV and the dealer is willing to sell me one – $4000 to $5000 above MSRP. This is checking three dealerships in my area. I think for now I will need to pass as I can save $10,000 right now with a gas car – pays for a lot of gas.

  8. AWD Hybrid crossovers like Highlander is a nice balance between price, range, ground clearance to go places and usability.

  9. You post shorts, I unsubscribe.

  10. Hablemos de Autos | December 1, 2022 at 11:44 PM |


  11. Are hybrids longer lasting than ICE cars?

    What if you don’t have a Garage?

    Does the Hybrid-Battery Die Early in Cold Climate Places?

    Repairs are a lot More Expensive and more dangerous on Hybrid/Battery cars..

    It is More Difficult to Sell a Old Hybrid car than an Old ICE car..!

    Cheapest Hybrid Corolla LE =~$25 plus Dealer Markup……that ~$3K More than ICE corolla….

  12. I waited 13 months for a rav4 prime only to have a dealership tell me it wouldn’t have everything I wanted and would cost 25% over the quoted price. Oh, and no 7500 rebate thanks to the new legislation. I got tired of waiting and got a CX50 (no one can tell me when to expect a hybrid version of that one either).

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