How to Clean and Care for Pillows | Consumer Reports

How To Clean And Care For Pillows | Consumer Reports 1

Yes, you can wash most pillows. And yes, you should. Sweat, body oils, perfumes, lotions, and spills all build up on our pillows. There are simple things you can do every day, once a month, and every three months to keep your pillows fresh.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Care and Cleaning Tips
00:55 – General Washing Guidelines
01:22 – Polyester
01:27 – Feather & Down
01:36 – Latex & Memory Foam
01:49 – Buckwheat
02:04 – Drying

5 Comments on "How to Clean and Care for Pillows | Consumer Reports"

  1. My LG front loader hates when I wash my pillow. The cycle stops during the rinse cycle because it becomes unbalanced!

  2. But how do i care for my bed linens?

  3. I have a Purple Harmony pillow, which I love. They specifically tell you NOT to wash the latex insert but the outer cover can be machine washed!

  4. I use those those dust mite zippered covers. Very helpful against allergies.

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