2020 Nissan Sentra Test Results; CR’s Car Testing Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic  | Talking Cars #255

2020 Nissan Sentra Test Results; Cr'S Car Testing Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic  | Talking Cars #255 1

This week we talk about the test results of the 2020 Nissan Sentra and the progression of this compact sedan throughout its existence.  We share what precautions CR is taking in order to continue its auto test program during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, we answer questions about swapping your car's stock infotainment system for an aftermarket in order to gain Apple CarPlay, and whether there are any advantages to summer tires.


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00:30 – How CR is continuing to test cars during the coronavirus pandemic
06:46 – 2020 Nissan Sentra Test Results
11:57 – Question #1: Why did the Jeep Grand Cherokee go from unrecommended to CR recommended?
14:34 – Question #2: What is a good, fun to drive, manual stick shift car under 5K?
17:57 – Question #3: Is it possible to upgrade the original infotainment system with an after market unit in order to gain Apple CarPlay?
23:20 – Question #4: Which car would be a good replacement for the Forester’s all-wheel drive and the fuel economy of the Toyota Prius?
26:27 – Question #5: What are the advantages to summer tires on an economy vehicle?

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15 Comments on "2020 Nissan Sentra Test Results; CR’s Car Testing Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic  | Talking Cars #255"

  1. Baaaahahahah – Sheep. This is COVID-1984

  2. While it’s encouraging to hear positive things about the new Sentra, so long as they continue to come standard with Nissan’s infamous CVT, they’re not even worth considering imo.

  3. The Sentra will sell to those buyers who are turned off by crossovers. Given that the domestic big 3 have abandoned the small (and large) sedan market, the import brands are moving in. Perhaps Ford will give us the Puma or Focus again.


  5. That horrible Nissan CVT would make me not even consider buying that Sentra

  6. I love the new Sentra. Imo, it’s the best looking car in the segment right now. But it’s much better if they have VC turbo as option.

  7. I personally don’t feel that the Grand Cherokee should be recommended, because it did so poorly in the IIHS small overlap tests. Same with the Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300.

  8. Thanks for taking my question and for your response, I think I’ll stick to my tried and true all season tires after all.

  9. Regarding the write in question … It sounds like the small car owner, wishes for the increased performance Summer Tires gives. If that is the case, one thing that really improved the handling sensation of my car was to also add a rear stabilizer bar. I think it would put the Summer’s to better use.

  10. 12:48 whoops that’s the regular Cherokee

  11. I put performance tires on my manual Honda Fit…. The difference was incredible!! Loved ripping it through corners on those!

  12. Great to see Jake reminding Ryan what it means to be young.
    It’s not what you need it’s what you need to have fun.

  13. Never thought I’d hear Ryan use the word “awesome” about a Sentra. I went to a Nissan dealer recently and asked to see the new Sentra. Salesman rolled up and started telling me all about it. I let him drone on for a few minutes until I informed him that the car was a new VERSA, not a Sentra. LOL. He was a newbie salesman, but …….

  14. That Grand Cherokee pic is actually of a Cherokee !

  15. Nissan filled for bankruptcy last week !

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