Best Hard-Shell Carry-On Luggage | Consumer Reports

Best Hard-Shell Carry-On Luggage | Consumer Reports 1

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7 Comments on "Best Hard-Shell Carry-On Luggage | Consumer Reports"

  1. Nice comparison, it would be nice to see which have replaceable wheels, as they’re usually the weak link in longevity.

  2. Thank you

  3. my travel tips… for long trips check your bag and make sure the airline has a way to track it in real time… Delta is a great airline for this! Dragging a small suitcase with not enough stuff through multiple airports and airplanes is not worth the trouble!!!

  4. Once was forced to gate check a rolling carry-on and American Airlines did not transfer my bag and so I arrived with no car keys and had to Uber home. American did not even cover that. So I wish you tested only carry-ons that are small enough that the airline would not force a gate check. So maybe international size. Also, it isn’t clear but it appears as if your top rated Samsonite was the Carry-on 23x15x10. Please confirm. Also note that they make the same-named bag in a slightly smaller 22x14x9. Why didn’t you test this instead?

  5. Surely the purpose of a “carry-on” is that you can actually carry it on an airline. Any models that don’t meet the spec should be excluded from the carry on test.
    Also – testing for water is fine for checked baggage but I’m not too sure many carry on bags are going to see rain given the purpose is to take them inside the cabin with you.

    • But you have to get to the airport and get home from the airport/train station and depending on country, access to transportation,.. you might see a lot of rain so waterproof tests are useful for some.

  6. My dad told me a tip that works well for not having to wait forever to pick up your checked baggage:
    Put $5 in a ziplock bag and tape it to each checked baggage. The luggage sorter will gladly take the tip and will usually position your bags so that are among the first to be put on the conveyor to the carousels at your destination. 🙂

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