Is an Electric or Hybrid Car Right for You? | Consumer Reports

Is An Electric Or Hybrid Car Right For You? | Consumer Reports 1

With longer range batteries and more places to charge, electric cars are becoming a popular choice for drivers who want to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels. Consumer Reports’ expert explains what you need to know about this technology.

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23 Comments on "Is an Electric or Hybrid Car Right for You? | Consumer Reports"

  1. I’m the first viewer today. Yippyyyyyy!!! I love Consumer reports. Give me a sub if you do too.

  2. These segments are so cringy. Just let Mike talk without the cornhole setup and questions

  3. So much incorrect information. “At least 45 minutes to charge” long range is longer that 300 miles. Misleading information makes me think BIG oil has been sponsoring CR.

  4. I got a charge out of your skit. I was shocked that Jack did not know about electric cars.

  5. wow these auto journalists must get paid really well… this guy has his own cabin!

  6. Little point in having a electric car with range beyond you bladder or stomach.

  7. How much to replace those batteries?

  8. We are far from getting away from fossil fuels!!!

  9. 100% electric car for me 😏

  10. Great clarification. Gasoline is just one cost of a vehicle. Any info on the cost to maintain electrics/hybrids/plugins vs. the cost to maintain a similarly reliable gasoline for those who keep their car for as long as possible (10-15 yrs)? Many mechanics say the long term cost is much higher and it is difficult to find reasonably priced replacement parts.

  11. Love the fact that I fill up about 460 miles on a 10 gallon tank in my hybrid (I also heard there are gallons in reserve, that is 80 – 100 miles). Much better than my small SUV 19 gallon tank filling up when I was at a quarter of a tank left, averaging about 350 miles.

  12. Maybe if you dumb it down ever further my cat might understand.

  13. If you live somewhere which has a good government EV incentive, and charging network, then EV can make a lot of sense.

  14. Doesn’t this guy feel dumb for acting dumb? He’s so much cringe, ugh!!

  15. I went from gas to hybrid to plugin hybrid to full EV and now have two EVs. Hydrogen is not my next vehicle but I do feel there will be something else battery related in the next 5-10 years.

  16. That intro was so cringy. Plugin cars have been around for almost 10 years now.

  17. In terms of overall cost of ownership, these hybrids and electric vehicles still can’t beat in-line 4 engine based cars from Toyota or Honda.

  18. Actually, Ferdinand Porsche created the first gasoline-electric hybrid in 1901. The Prius Prime shown in the video does not have a fuel cell.

  19. A 1994 Celica is good enough for Scotty, good enough for me!

  20. Who are these videos for? Soccer moms?

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