2019 Jaguar I-PACE Test results; 2019 Kia Soul First Impressions | Talking Cars #209

2019 Jaguar I-Pace Test Results; 2019 Kia Soul First Impressions | Talking Cars #209 1

We talk electric this week, sharing the test results of the Jaguar's all-new I-PACE EV and compare it with the Tesla Model X and other electric vehicles. We then discuss our first impressions of the 2019 Kia Soul and the Soul EV. Plus, we wrap up the episode with audience questions.


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00:35 – 2019 Jaguar I-Pace Test Results
09:00 – 2019 Kia Soul and Soul EV First Impressions
14:20 – Question #1: Can software updates make noticeable difference in a car?
18:13 – Question #2: Is it better to buy a cheaper new car rather than an older model?
20:52 – Question #3: What’s the European car model that you would love to be sold in the US market?


2018 LA Auto Show: 2020 Kia Soul

2014 Kia Soul First Drive


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20 Comments on "2019 Jaguar I-PACE Test results; 2019 Kia Soul First Impressions | Talking Cars #209"

  1. Gabe puts me to sleep. good thing the other guys step in from time to time.

  2. You need a lot of energy to move a heavy vehicle so CR encourge folks to buy light vehicles.

  3. If your VW fails your state’s emissions test, perhaps an “Over the Air” software update could get you through!! 😉

  4. Love the show, Gabe: You know Tesla has a supercharger network with charge speeds from 150-250 KW’s of power. Often you can get to 80% charge in 20-30 minutes. Many people take their Teslas on road trips.

  5. If Jaguar / Land Rover fans are like Tesla Fans, they would be unsubscribing as they watch this, after crying foul and demanding video footage as proof!

  6. Taking everything you said into account for the iPace, how do you think reliability will fall against the new XE, XF and XJ? I liked the XE rental I had but the seats, info system and interior size doesn’t compare against the Genesis at the same price. I don’t see a long-term ownership vehicle in Jaguar’s lineup right now and don’t see the reason for the name to continue. Any thoughts that would give me any hope that Jaguar will survive?

  7. Tesla fanboys will approve of this talk .

  8. The European car we need in North America is the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports wagon. In comes in two hybrid variations or with a manual. If you want a Peugeot today you can buy a Buick Regal.

  9. I’m always waiting and ready for your reviews!

  10. Agree with the statement of Tesla NOT being a luxury marque . Tesla looks like an uglier Mazda 6 . The Jaguar looks very nice and the interior is amazing , just too much $..

  11. Thx CR Team… Enjoyed the segment… 😎👍

  12. You can get the Soul EX for $22k, 25 would include the optional package. S, Xline and GTline (non turbo) are around 20k. Those models do have safety tech included just not an entire suite. Each model offers different levels.

    I suggest watching a more throughout review if Interested. The “no emergency braking” comment isn’t true for all models, even lower trims other than EX.

  13. my next car will be electric, I don’t want to have a tail pipe anymore, your reviews of battery only, plug in, cars helps me thanks.

  14. Don’t you mean 2020 Kia soul?

  15. Competitor to the kia soul would be subcompact hatchbacks like kia rio, honda fit, and nissan versa. Great show but I will never forget the hamster and kia soul.

  16. I’d like to see the Peugeot 3008 PHEV SUV here in America.

  17. Toronto Electric Vehicle Association TEVA | June 28, 2019 at 11:33 PM |

    Great ev we loved test driving it.. Very tempted to acquire one for our company fleet

  18. whats the deal with huyndai’s mushroom/melting oil dipstick handle?

  19. My European import pick would be the Passat Variant for sure. I wish the European Passat was the one sold in the US.

  20. Some good comments. As a note most auto manufacturers (all but Tesla, Nissan, Mitsubishi) are moving to the CCS charging standard. These chargers are being installed very quickly. We managed to drive our Bolt EV from Ontario Canada to Orlando, Florida and back (about 2500 miles round trip). And we had zero major issues. We timed our meal breaks and washroom breaks with charging stops. The change in charging network is amazing.

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