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  1. Leonardo villarreal | July 1, 2019 at 11:19 AM |

    Nice video

  2. She is so beautiful

  3. JDS Weather First, Brewer, Maine News & Events | July 1, 2019 at 11:56 AM |

    For complaining about Cable Company Hidden Fees you can contact The FCC why Cable Companies aren’t monitored or under the umbrella of The PUC Seeing that cable is in fact a Utility

  4. Nickel and dime policies – no wonder people hate to fly. Hotels are getting just as bad. I got a great deal on a Chicago hotel – or so I thought. I was charged $70/day for self-parking.

  5. Nice to see tatoos represented!

  6. My car insurance charges me a fee everytime they take my payment out of my account. I left them because of it. That’s absurd!

  7. Complain to the FTC? Considering Ajit Pal’s anti-consumer policies, I’d rather complain about the FTC.

  8. Fees are just another rip off. Companies don’t like to advertise their actual prices so they advertise a deceptively low price and add a mandatory fee. Check your phone bill or cable bill, they’re loaded with fees…all just additional profit.

  9. “I want to talk to your manager!”


  10. I feel maybe Tim is doing this. I mean, he’s always there.

  11. Hear in Southern California, we regularly go to Harrah’s Rincon Casino. which is part owed by an Indian Tribe. Over the years have stayed overnight, comp by slot play, but just last May, now charges a $25 Resort Fee! When asked what this Fee gives me, the hotel said it was for free WiFi and entry to the pool. Funny thing was that before the “Fee” already had two entry passes to the pool, and WiFi! I told them they were NOT VEGAS!Caesars Entertainment , whom was bought out by Eldorado Entertainment, now has come to California, to charge fees to their customers! Believe me this casino is NOT VEGAS!

  12. Don’t forget to pay the internet fee there Jack…

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