Why We Think Tesla’s New Steering Yoke Shows Little Benefit | Consumer Reports

Why We Think Tesla'S New Steering Yoke Shows Little Benefit | Consumer Reports 1

Consumer Reports just purchased a 2021 Model S and tried out its new rectangular "yoke" steering wheel. Based on our initial feedback, we explain the new yoke's benefits but also how it complicates some basic driving tasks.

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22 Comments on "Why We Think Tesla’s New Steering Yoke Shows Little Benefit | Consumer Reports"

  1. What a stupid stupid decision. Turn signals on the “wheel” are bad enough, but the horn is this tiny little button? That’s just unsafe.

    • You can honk the horn just by covering all of the buttons on the right. No need to search for the “tiny little button”. Not that much different than hitting the center of the wheel.

  2. Too many buttons already in new cars today. After three years, I still forget what a button does.

  3. Seems like an idiotic design choice.

  4. Actually I do like the shifter logic. Swipe up = forward and swipe down = reverse is pretty intuitive compare to the certain company’s double click to engage logic. The steering yoke though is stupid on city streets, to many instances you need at least a full turn of the wheel to turnaround. And yeah dedicated turn signal stalk is one thing that should remain.

  5. As your video demonstrated, it could make quick turning movements awkward. I wouldn’t buy a car with a yoke and touch sensitive buttons. My Model 3 is bad enough but at least it has two stalks you can use for a few functions. OTOH, you can do a number of things with voice commands. I wonder if you could control those new turn signals etc like that?

  6. I guess like anything else I’d get used to it, but why…I know you don’t like the Model 3 either, but I have to say I’ve gotten used to it and really like its controls.

  7. Thank you!! I agree with you completely! I don’t know why anybody would want to do that. I can deal with a yoke on the track, but in that case the steering ratio is so quick that you can make a sharper corner without having to shuffle steer.

  8. This is an April Fool’s joke… right?!!

  9. Sounds like a disaster

  10. Recalls the Knight Rider Kitt car!

  11. It’s for the benefit of people who dress like David Hasselhoff.

  12. To my mind, Tesla sometimes exhibits arrogance by doing things its own way, ignoring customer experience and expectations.

  13. Generating demand

    That’s its use

  14. The yoke should have never passed safety regulations to be honest. Being different just for the sake of it, can cost people their lives by distraction.

  15. Tesla Did it Again, FREE PUBLICITY!!!!!!! I would tolarate the Shifting via Screen …no need to “reinvent” the steering wheel

  16. Well well well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions 🤦🏾

  17. This steering wheel is deal breaker to me, because most of the time I rest my hand on the top of the steering wheel.

    • Same. It looks like it’s designed to look different just to be different, and not for simplicity. I think in a need for a quick reaction, an ordinary, round one is bigger and easier to grab thus easier to do the quick reaction (i.e. dodge an accident). That to me is a matter of safety and thus life or death.

  18. My response to the title:”there’s a benefit!?! I’m shocked! I wonder what it is?”

  19. Is (not just) Tesla progressing A.I./robotics to take control out of hands of humans into hands of A.I. ?

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