2020 Hyundai Sonata Test Results; Staying Safe at The Pump | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #248

2020 Hyundai Sonata Test Results; Staying Safe At The Pump | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #248 1

This week, we discuss how to protect yourself against the coronavirus when pumping gas. Plus, we share test results on our 2020 Hyundai Sonata, looking at how it stacks up against the heavyweights in the category such as Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and the Subaru Legacy. We finish the episode with audience questions about whether car buying incentives get better during an economic shakeup (like the coronavirus pandemic), and whether CR engineers use decibel meters when evaluating cabin noise.


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00:56 – How to Stay Safe at the Pump
08:02 – 2020 Hyundai Sonata Test Results
17:49 – Question #1: How to disinfect your car?
18:48 – Question #2: Do car buying incentives get better during an economic shakeup?
24:27 – Question #3: Would it be better to use a decibel meter for cabin noise evaluation?


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22 Comments on "2020 Hyundai Sonata Test Results; Staying Safe at The Pump | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #248"

  1. Tip,,if you go into a room to wash your hands, the knob gets the virus, you clean up and then touch the knob again. Just think of what you may touch as if IT had the virus and it helps you be more thoughtful.

  2. unless you plan on waiting for the disinfectant to air dry for at least 10 min wiping the areas down pryer to touching won’t really do anything. make sure you are reading the cleaning/disinfecting labels on your cleaning products. when I disinfected the interior of my car I had to wait about 20 min for the product to completely air dry for it to work. then had to go back and re clean the residue it left everywhere…. just fyi tips! love the podcast! Stay safe!

  3. DON’T just clean your screen with alcohol! Check your owner’s manual.

  4. The new Sonata won’t age well, Kia definitely has better looking vehicles.

  5. Julian and Jennifer Edgoose | March 27, 2020 at 6:06 PM |

    You guys seem a lot more relaxed when you are in your own homes. You are all smiling more! I actually prefer this format to the usual round-the-table setup when you all seem a bit more competitive.

  6. I’m not hung up on appearances; however you get the content out is just fine with me. I just love to watch the show.
    Thanks for your dedication to your work!

  7. I kept hoping Jake’s wife would appear in the background and smear hand sanitizer all over his head

  8. I always sanitize my hands after filling up with gas, to make sure there’s no trace element of gas left on my hands – it reeks!

  9. I have been using a glove for about 20 years to fuel my car.
    WeatherTech now has a fuel glove.

  10. Umm, I guess we could all use disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves if any were available.

  11. Now have panoramic view of Jake’s fireplace.

  12. You mean I’m the only one who already used hand sanitizer after touching gas pumps?! People are so gross

  13. Great episode- thanks for continuing to make this show!
    The Sonata is so unattractive!

  14. I didn’t know Jake bought the “Brady Bunch House”…Very Cool!

  15. Charging my EV at home much lower risk

  16. 2:32 I live in Canada and use Esso/Mobil’s “Speedpass” app. It lets you authorize the pump and pay via your phone, no need to touch any keypad 😁

  17. Hooray! 2 weeks in a row without that smug and arrogant Keith Barry. Keep up the good work.

  18. Subaru Legacy is a midsize “heavyweight”? Lol!

  19. Eat virgin, organic Coconut oil to fight virus. It helps

  20. I love the dark blue on Mike’s kitchen walls!

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