2021 Genesis GV80 Test Results; EV Danger in Standing Water; Comfort Pet Peeves | Talking Cars #303

2021 Genesis Gv80 Test Results; Ev Danger In Standing Water; Comfort Pet Peeves | Talking Cars #303 1

We recently completed testing on the 2021 Genesis GV80, and this week we share how this all-new SUV from Hyundai's luxury brand performed. What keeps you comfortable when you're behind the wheel? This week we discuss our comfort must-haves when driving, as well as our personal pet peeves that drive us crazy! Other topics on this episode include crash testing on female body types, potential safety hazards when driving an electric vehicle through a flooded road, and whether buying a used upscale car or leasing a new, more affordable car makes more financial sense for a recent college grad.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – What Makes a Car Really Comfortable
05:45 – 2021 Genesis GV80
16:07 – Question #1: How to find the safest car for a woman?
20:13 – Question #2: Would an EV run the risk of a short or fire when driving through a flooded road?
2208 – Question #3: What makes more financial sense, buying used or leasing an affordable car?


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24 Comments on "2021 Genesis GV80 Test Results; EV Danger in Standing Water; Comfort Pet Peeves | Talking Cars #303"

  1. My pet peeve is not having cold air conditioning. I wonder why I never once have heard a car reviewer discuss whether the AC in a car is adequate, better than average, etc. I used to find Nissans to be very cold. Honda is just ok. I’m now wondering if I buy a toyota Venza Hybrid, is the AC tuned down for better mileage or will it freeze me out the way I like. I live in the south so it is important to me.

  2. Great episode as always. Really enjoyed the ending!

  3. Extremely appropriate that Gabe was available to give his opinion on the GV-80. Amazing how far Hyundai-Kia has come along from the ’80s and has come hitting hard and above its weight with Genesis, something Honda could not do with Acura, and Nissan with Infinity. The outtake was absolutely hilarious!

    • Completely disagree. What Acura did with the Legend, and then followed suite with the NSX was amazing and put Acura more on the map than Genesis. People still don’t know what Genesis is… is it a higher level Hyundai? It even began as one of the models. They don’t have a dealer network and nothing in their car or SUVs is truly revolutionary. Take a SH-AWD MDX over a GV80 any day.

  4. Gear and media should be reversed position for ergonomics. They are dumping the disk for the GV70.

  5. I have always loved the look of Jaguar sedans. My wish came true when I bought 2005 XJL. (In British racing green, of course.) It did not take long to discover that on long trips the front seat was miserable. Very little lateral thigh support and the seat was really, really, really hard. It was a major disappointment.

  6. Yay outtakes! Nice.

  7. 💛💛💛

  8. Comfort pet peeve is not having memory seats on more models! Wasted time from 6’3 to 5’3 to fix seats and mirrors, and it never feels right after adjusting

  9. I was considering a GV80, but the dial shifter and no wireless connection are real deal breakers for me.

  10. The front of GV80 keeps reminding me it is a 2020-2021 model, i.e. someone with a mask on. 🤪

  11. My number one comfort issue by far is noise… road noise, wind noise, engine and transmission noise. Worst of all is squeaks and rattles, any time I hear one it makes me want to trade my car in!

  12. I totally agree with Emily! Should not be issue this day and age when u can’t even hold a conversation!

  13. Your comments about the effortless speed reminded me of Tiger Woods. That effortless speed might have been a factor and the great handling couldn’t keep up with the speed.

  14. Their taking this fancy stuff way to far very unsafe!

  15. Tiger Woods did the high speed crash test for you 💁🏾

  16. “Comfortable” is a four syllable word. What’s “comftrable?”

  17. The GV 80? Sure…Why not. I do love the green exterior color. The ability to get a brown/saddle tan just needs to be available in the options game at this price! I think I’ll hold out for the GV 70 though…

  18. They need to get rid of that extra round whatever that control knob is…Gabe always has to throw in his experience with BMW’s or Audi’s.

  19. I can not see myself in the GV80… That style is a bit too much. I never liked the Bentley SUV style, and the GV80 in many ways is a better interpretation but still way too ostentatious in my opinion. I think Volvo, BMW and Acura do much better when it comes to style and ergonomics at that level.

  20. I’m interested to hear your take on the new Acura MDX…

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