How the Tesla Model S Changed the Automotive World | Consumer Reports

How The Tesla Model S Changed The Automotive World | Consumer Reports 1

On the 10th anniversary of the day the first Model S went on sale to the public, we look at how the groundbreaking EV transformed the auto industry—and how it challenged CR to rethink how we test and rate vehicles.

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8 Comments on "How the Tesla Model S Changed the Automotive World | Consumer Reports"

  1. I’m not a huge Tesla fan but I always liked the Model S, it was a OG model other than the original Roadster.

    I will say that I was disappointed that they discontinued multiple colors, limited editions, functional sunroof, and rear jump-seats.

  2. How about all the people that have burned to death in fiery Tesla crashes?

    • The rate (of miles driven) of electric vehicle fires (and deaths) is a fraction of that in internal combustion vehicles filled with highly flammable/explosive gasoline.

    • How about the 120,000 car fires, 230 deaths and 680 injuries per year in gas powered vehicles?

      Tesla fires: total of 60 fire-related Tesla incidents from 2013 through 2021

      Gasoline vehicles: in 2018, a total of 212,500 vehicle fires caused 560 civilian deaths in the US

  3. Always loved the Model S. Back in 2010, L-Ion batteries were $1K to $2K per kilowatt. Elon’s genius was to recognize that only wealthy people could afford long-range EVs, and they would not buy small, slow cars. So he went big, fast, and luxurious.

  4. I bought a new Model S in 2015 and again in 2018, I drove Model S for over 6 years. I eventually got tired of the promises not met and the need for endless repairs. Now I have a Toyota and Lexus in the garage. I would not buy Tesla again unless it was not my primary car and I had a service centre very close to me. I would also never own one out of warranty.

  5. Has not Changed in a decade and AP still Beta. Looks Dated too ;-( Hate Styling in and out!

  6. I wouldn’t buy a Tesla, I strongly dislike Elon Musk. I’m happy his car has pushed the industry toward electric sooner than it would have, but he won’t get any more praise than that from me.

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