8 Used Cars at the Right Price | Consumer Reports

8 Used Cars At The Right Price | Consumer Reports 1

These used vehicles are all about ✨reliability✨. See car ratings and reviews at cr.org/cars.

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18 Comments on "8 Used Cars at the Right Price | Consumer Reports"

  1. This is the useful information I like. Thanks

  2. Buy Japanese he is saying.

  3. Yes, you’re right about these good cars, but on the prices, you’re incorrect. I’ve been looking for used car, and the prices are very high.

  4. I cant take anything he says seriously after seeing Mercedes Benz as the 5th most reliable brand right next to Nissan. Major fail here

  5. Why is the presenter recorded vertically while the rest of the video is horizontal

  6. You fools where is the Toyota Camry

  7. Lol ‘consider the 2017 mazda3’ while a 2019+ model is onscreen.

  8. forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking? Somehow I doubt all those 2017 cars had those features…

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