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Ldw Vs Lka Vs Lca | Consumer Reports 1

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What are the differences between lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, and lane centering assistance? While they may sound interchangeable, there are important variations between each that you need to know when shopping for your next vehicle.

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2 Comments on "LDW vs LKA vs LCA | Consumer Reports"

  1. Manuel Lopez | March 6, 2023 at 7:43 AM |

    I had a 2018 Subaru Cosstrek with Lane Keep Assistant and then upgraded to a 2020 Forester with Lane Centering. I very much preferred the Lane Keep Assist because it didn’t feel like I was fighting the car as often happens with Lane Centering in the Forester.

  2. Garth Howe | March 6, 2023 at 1:42 PM |

    I sold a new 2022 model back to the dealer as these nanny systems drove me crazy. I live in a rural town, with lane and shoulder markings in “moderate” condition. The car was always flashing on the dash about the status of it trying to monitor where the lanes were. The first time I used LKA, I thought it was great as the weather was deteriorating and there was a strong cross-wind… it was great for one minute before the camera(s) got wet/dirty due to the weather, and shut down ALL of the safety systems… with much fanfare of beeps and flashing. So it seems these systems are fair weather friends for those who drive on perfect roads.

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