2020 Range Rover Evoque Test Results; 2021 Ford Bronco Debut | Talking Cars #264

2020 Range Rover Evoque Test Results; 2021 Ford Bronco Debut | Talking Cars #264 1

This week we share our test results of the 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, and discuss if the compact luxury SUV retains the swagger the brand is known for. Also, Ford has unveiled its brand new Bronco for 2021! We run through all the specs, pricing, the numerous trim levels (with names like Black Diamond, Badlands, and Sasquatch!) and talk about the nostalgia that the Bronco name plate brings. We wrap up with audience questions about retrofitting your vehicle with wireless Apple CarPlay, whether buying a plug-in hybrid like the Toyota RAV4 Prime is a good buy if you don’t have access to a charging station, replacements for a college graduate’s Hyundai Elantra (SUV or pickup truck?), and how to start a career in the automotive journalism industry.


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00:00 – Introduction
01:38 – 2021 Ford Bronco Debut
08:56 – 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Test Results
14:24 – Question #1: Deciding between a sedan, SUV, and truck for a new grad.
18:29 – Question #2: Is it possible to upgrade a regular Apple CarPlay to a wireless?
22:22 – Question #3: How practical is the Toyota RAV4 Prime, when charging is not available?
24:55 – Question #4: What is the best way to start-off a career in automotive journalism?


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20 Comments on "2020 Range Rover Evoque Test Results; 2021 Ford Bronco Debut | Talking Cars #264"

  1. I found the CARPLAY2AIR works great with my 2019 Porsche 718. Have not noticed any faster battery drain or laggyness. Yes I specifically pick the wireless Car Play WiFi when I get into the car.

  2. Only the 1st gen 4Runner had the removable top and that came out in the early/mid 80’s. It only SEEMS like it would have still been available with that body style thru the 90’s because it hard to imagine that once upon a time Toyota actually revamped their BOF SUVs on a pretty regular basis. With that being said I am really impressed with the effort Ford seems to have put into designing this Bronco. It looks FANTASTIC and they included some thoughtful features the competition lacks (example- the ability to carry the doors IN the rear of the vehicle). I own a 4Runner and a TJ and love them both but nothing is better from a consumer standpoint than some strong competition which is really lacking in this segment.

  3. Bronco looks neat, good job Ford. I will wait for an EV version though.

  4. Go info on how to get into auto journalism. I think I’ll stick to making digital cars for now. I.e. working on Meh, Street R.I.C.E.r.

  5. I’d wayyyy rather have a Suzuki jimny over any of these. They’re cheap economical fun to drive. You don’t cry if it gets scratched or dented it’s cheap to maintain and the best part is you can maintain and repair yourself in your driveway . Those are the vehicles I really miss. These are all way too expensive and complex . Suzuki , please come back to North America . Now’s the right time we really need you back in Canada and the US. NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE A TRULY HISTORIC COMEBACK PLEASE!

  6. Is the new one bronco going to suck as much as its competitors in the winter? Who wants to scrape ice off with your fingers?

  7. My observation: in 1966 Ford copied the WONDERFUL, ORIGINAL IH Scout. Now Ford is “trying” to copy the Wrangler. Jen likes the new Bronco because it has safety cameras and so many turbo chargers it could blast to the moon. What we need is a vehicle that is priced in the $18,000 category so people could afford it. A modern day IH Scout or GEO Tracker or Suzuki Samuri would be just the thing.

  8. I hope the Bronco is successful for Ford as the last version got litigated out of existence. The photos with body pieces removed reminded me of VW’s Thing.

  9. The smaller Bronco Sport looks kinda like a 2001 Escape.

  10. My AB Beef is Better than Your Beef | July 18, 2020 at 10:06 AM |

    Pretty sure most Evoque’s buyers don’t care about what they said about it 😂

  11. I’d like to donate some wireless headphones for Jennifer. 🙂

  12. Jeep: Oh boy… They did a darn good job on the Bronco
    Toyota: We will not make too many changes with the new 4-Runner
    Ford respected the Bronco branding, GM destroyed the Blazer branding, and Toyota could do well with the new 4Runner but we have seen what their are willing to do (aka Supra)

  13. CR, Did you pay ‘full market rent’ for the Bronco’s promotional videos or did Ford provide them for free?

  14. One of the worse things in the Evoque is that you can’t even close the tail gate from inside or the car key 🙄

  15. The Bronco (both the design and marketing surrounding it), really shows what automakers truly care about, and it’s not EVs.

  16. I am left with questions regarding the RAV4 prime that did not get answered by the viewers question. Can the vehicle, without being plugged in, charge the battery fully just running the engine? or, do you have to plug it in to get something close to a full charge? Because if the engine will charge it most of the way, at least the viewer would be able to use the all-electric mode some of the time.

  17. Keith, you didn’t at least in my opinion, completely answer the video question about wireless CarPlay. He said very specifically that his accord has a hotspot, so that would seem, based on your answer, to have the hardware that you were talking about that is required. So, in that case, is there some chance the Honda could be updated to wireless Apple CarPlay with just a software addition? Having said that, I don’t really see the appeal of wireless CarPlay unless you’re taking a very short trip, because as Keith said, using the GPS function of your phone is going to drain the battery pretty quickly so you end up needing to plug it in anyway if you’re taking a longer trip.

  18. Bronco Sport looks like the 1st gen boxy Escapes.

  19. You won’t be disappointed with a Ridgeline my friend. I totally love mine.

  20. The most important question for Jennie is whether she would be able to just use a regular 120 volt outlet to charge the battery. Level 2 charging isn’t essential for this or most other PHEVs. Provided nosy neighbors don’t object, you may be able to plug in to the outlet on your patio and run the cord to your car if it isn’t hundreds of feet away. There are specific J1772 extension cords available that can make this a safe option. Don’t recommend using a regular household extension cord since most aren’t rated for the current that a vehicle requires.

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