How to Sanitize Your Devices | Consumer Reports

How To Sanitize Your Devices | Consumer Reports 1

With the novel coronavirus spreading in the U.S., here's what you should know about keeping your phone and laptop clean.

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10 Comments on "How to Sanitize Your Devices | Consumer Reports"

  1. Ha i need to use gloves when ever i go.

  2. I use baby wipes

  3. Please! stop the loud music. Very distracting when trying to hear what is being said. Unless your not really saying anything important.

  4. Tanks for the timely tip. While I did buy electronics/glass cleaning wipes, having worked in a medical facility I also got a tub of Cavicide / SaniCloth wipes (wear gloves). Nice to take a moment and clean around the house, remotes, doorknobs…etc. Was commenting on staying in a hotel, worst: bed, bathroom, phone, light fixtures, nope remote control.

  5. How about a teleprompter? Him looking off like that is weird.

  6. How about a video about bathing, especially with all these toilet paper being bought up?

  7. Where can I find these alcohol wipes?

    • Mateen S β€” Normally you could find them at any corner drugstore or supermarket. Now they’re pretty much sold out everywhere. Might try looking around online.

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