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  1. and stop buying toilet papers 🙂

    • someone forgot to buy toilet paper on time, and now he’s complaining. let’s completely ignore that every preper video starts with buying toilet paper. it doesn’t go bad, it can be used for many things, not just your bottom, it will prevent you from going out and exposing your self just to buy toilet paper. Honestly if only other goods were as good as toilet paper. you can even tp a house of stupid politician making bad decisions that put more people at risk, like imbeciles who impose curfew, forcing everyone to go to store at the limited time of day, when they could safely go and shop at night when there’s no one in stores, and they were just cleaned.

      rather than making fun of people stocking up on toilet paper, it’s the governments that should be made fun off, for not predicting that toilet paper would be the first to go.

  2. amazing content keep up the awesome work

  3. My WalMart had T-Paper today =))))

  4. JUST TO BE CLEAR these chemicals should not be mixed together or combined in any way. NEVER mix cleaning chemicals.

  5. Soap doesn’t kill germs 🦠 it washes them away, antibacterial soap “kills” germs.

    • Per CDC and WHO, ordinary soap actually bonds to the outer fatty membrane of viruses, like that of COVID-19, and destroys them completely. They’re is no research that antibacterial soaps do a better job than ordinary soap when it comes to killing viruses. Please do your research before sharing incorrect information.

  6. If you’re buying bleach, please make sure it’s the disinfectant kind. Laundry bleach doesn’t kill germs and is useless.

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