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2021 Genesis GV80 Test Results; EV Danger in Standing Water; Comfort Pet Peeves | Talking Cars #303

2021 Genesis GV80 Test Results; EV Danger in Standing Water; Comfort Pet Peeves | Talking Cars #303 1

We recently completed testing on the 2021 Genesis GV80, and this week we share how this all-new SUV from Hyundai's luxury brand performed. What keeps you comfortable when you're behind the wheel? This week we discuss our comfort must-haves when driving, as well as our personal pet peeves that drive us crazy! Other topics on this episode include crash testing on female body types, potential safety hazards when driving an electric vehicle through a flooded road, and whether buying a used upscale car or leasing a new, more affordable car makes more financial sense for a recent college grad.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – What Makes a Car Really Comfortable
05:45 – 2021 Genesis GV80
16:07 – Question #1: How to find the safest car for a woman?
20:13 – Question #2: Would an EV run the risk of a short or fire when driving through a flooded road?
2208 – Question #3: What makes more financial sense, buying used or leasing an affordable car?


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