We Drove a Tesla with No One in the Driver’s Seat. That’s Not a Good Thing. | Consumer Reports

We Drove A Tesla With No One In The Driver'S Seat. That'S Not A Good Thing. | Consumer Reports 1

Following a Tesla Model S crash that officials believe occurred without anyone occupying the driver's seat, Consumer Reports designed an evaluation to discover whether it is possible to activate Tesla's Autopilot system and drive the car down our test track without a driver. This video shows how we were able to operate the system in this way, and what we are asking Tesla to change so that its vehicles have more engaged driver monitoring systems.

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34 Comments on "We Drove a Tesla with No One in the Driver’s Seat. That’s Not a Good Thing. | Consumer Reports"

  1. One would think that the air bag occupancy sensor should be employed to disengage the autopilot.

  2. I don’t see why Tesla would install a driver monitoring system in their cars if one of their goals is that your car can go to work 4 you while you’re doing something else.

  3. Did you just create a new TikTok challenge?

  4. This is interesting… A short friend, who valet drives, shared a frustrating experience while trying to reverse park a (forget if Model S or Y) clients Tesla.
    This was a tall customer’s Tesla, so the seat was pushed all the way back, and he was a short person, and needed to sit more on the front edge of the seat.
    Strangely, when he put it in reverse, to back into the valet parking spot, he pulled himself even more forward to better see around.
    When he got even more off the seat, suddenly the car stopped!
    He didn’t know what happened and leaned back into the seat more, put it in reverse again, and again, pulled himself forward (off the seat more) to better see around.
    And again, abruptly, the car stopped again.
    It may have happened one more time before he figured out that he needed his butt, to be more on the seat, before the car allowed him to go in reverse.
    Him and his friends where were watching, had a good laugh.
    Perhaps the seat sensor is only active when trying to reverse?
    I don’t know what year the car was, but this story happened about 4-5yrs ago, in a model S or X.

    • It is same for all Tesla. Low speed, no seatbelt, then the car assumes you got out of the car when it feels no weight on the seat. Then logically it has better stop.

  5. When will people start taking responsibility for their own stupid actions? This is not the car’s fault!

  6. If you turn on cruise control on ANY car you can do the same thing.

  7. Consumer reports: let me show how to commit suicide. These clowns

  8. This weight on the steering wheel is known for many vehicles. When using lane keep on my Toyota when it senses a corner about to be taking or turn it’ll notify me to put my hands on the wheel. Even if I don’t have cruise control on. But after a little tap it can still navigate the corner.

  9. Peter and Will Anderson | April 23, 2021 at 12:14 PM |

    Autopilot was not engaged during the TX crash, therefore this video can’t be compared with it.

  10. Nooo! My wife will replace me with a roll of duct tape!

  11. Great technology wow way in the future!!!

  12. Do y’all have a vid explaining the different levels of automotive autonomy?

    • Levels of autonomy are outdated concept. I know many people which are afraid of traveling on big city centers, or like my wife on a highway . Does this mean they are not on level 5?

  13. Can you drive it without autopilot on? Since it wasn’t on during the crash?

  14. Way too easy to bypass? You had to do at least three counter measures to bypass.

  15. https://www.cars.com/articles/which-cars-have-self-driving-features-for-2021-433821/

    There are many cars with similar systems (adaptive cruise control and hands on lane centering), how hard would it be to defeat their safety mechanisms.

    There is an indication that Tesla will be using the cabin camera as a verification in the not too distant future which is a good thing.

  16. I can do this with my 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid too. All it has is lane keeping assist and cruise control. Doesn’t take a Tesla to do this.

  17. My 17 yr old son just sent me this video to watch! As I was watching it, what do you think he said he wants to go try with my model S now? I don’t even watch YouTube often. To have my sometimes idiot manchild teen (who I occasionally let drive my S) say “he dad check this out, let’s go try it! Yes my sons an idiot and definitely doesn’t need help thinking of stupid things! He’s got that covered on his own! It hard enough keeping him on the straight and narrow!

    You are reckless and don’t give damn about people’s safety by posting crap like this. Did you actually think before making/posting this video, that it might give people bad ideas? Seriously take this crap down before you help get someone hurt of killed by giving them the idea to try this! Absolutely shameful!!!

  18. guard rail to stop an accidental fall failed stopping me from jumping over it and killing ma-self. CITY-the rail should protect people! CR- oh yah? let me show you how it could be done!

  19. Chances are, if AP was used, it could have saved those two people. Also, you better be careful when you move over to the passenger seat. If you touch the steering wheel and give it enough torque, the auto steer will disengage and it becomes adaptive cruise control. You will be in trouble big time at the first curve, hoping that it will steer for you…

  20. So with the eye tracking method, you free up your hands. What would you do with the free hands? Grab a hamburger? What if you need to take over the control right away?

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