Auto Journalist Elizabeth Blackstock; Women in the Auto Industry | Talking Cars #327

Auto Journalist Elizabeth Blackstock; Women In The Auto Industry | Talking Cars #327 1

In this week's episode, we feature special guest Elizabeth Blackstock, breaking news editor at Jalopnik and managing editor of A Girl's Guide to Cars. We discuss a number of topics, including the challenges women face in the auto industry; which stories interest us most in the industry; and why it might be tough for a car today to be considered a classic in the future.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Elizabeth Blackstock Introduction
02:41 – Auto Journalism Career
03:53 – A Girl’s Guide To Cars: Difference between how men and women look for cars.
14:15 – How women are represented in the auto industry.
21:07 – Best and worst stories in your career.
29:10 – What technology are you most excited about today?
30:19 – What do you anticipate we will be talking about in 10 years from now?
33:15 – Will modern cars be considered as classics in the future?


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14 Comments on "Auto Journalist Elizabeth Blackstock; Women in the Auto Industry | Talking Cars #327"

  1. Wow! Are we back in the 90s? Women are interested in cars for grocery shopping and children transport and don’t care about 0-60? These are stereotyps for 30 yeras ago.

  2. Interesting to see Ryan getting so excited, he can barely speak. LOL
    fun, enlightening episode!

  3. Wow what an informative episode…… NOT! Your vehicle as an appliance, how exciting.
    CR stick with your normal format. Didn’t enjoy this at all.

  4. It was awesome having Blackstock on this episode! The pigeonholing is horrible and her ny story is upsetting to hear.

  5. Great program today. I am a guy but my toes curl when the panelists re all men and they talk about muscle cars. This is a much-needed corrective.

  6. I both like Elizabeth Blackstock and much prefer the normal Talking Cars format. This episode would have been a great as a standalone bonus but not as a substitute.

  7. It shouldn’t matter what sex the person is. If they’re good, they’re good. I’m glad we’re starting to tap into more talent as time goes on.

  8. Thank you for this episode. Much needed and much appreciated!

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

  10. What do you guys have against women talking about cars in a slightly different format. Geez. Tell your wives and your girlfriends that their opinions don’t matter, and see what happens! Sex you will NOT get.

  11. Basically you had two Emily’s on the show today instead of the usual 1. Two people who don’t know or care about vehicles.

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