2022 Lexus NX First Impressions; Tesla Model 3 as a Rental Car | Talking Cars #331

2022 Lexus Nx First Impressions; Tesla Model 3 As A Rental Car | Talking Cars #331 1

This week we share our first impressions of the 2022 Lexus NX, discuss its available powertrains including a plug-in hybrid, completely redesigned infotainment, and our experience using its unique gear selector. Hertz "shocked" the rental car market by ordering 100,000 Tesla Model 3s for its fleet, and we talk about the possible pros and cons of renting an electric vehicle for a first-time EV driver, and how it might impact the industry. Also, Halloween night can have a high risk of pedestrian fatalities, so we provide helpful tips to be safe on this holiday. Other topics include: whether a wildfire can be caused by a vehicle; if a car needs to be warmed up before driving; and why most pickup trucks and SUVs don't automatically adjust headlight aim when carrying full loads.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:38 – Hertz adds Tesla Model 3 to the rental fleet
07:06 – Halloween Safety Tips
11:26 – Our trick or treats in the automotive industry
14:45 – First Impressions
23:28 – Question #1: Can a car cause a wildfire?
26:49 – Question #2: Is it recommended to warm up the car’s engine before driving?
30:13 – Question #3: Is removing rust on a vehicle worth it?
33:22 – Question #4: Why most pickup trucks and SUVs don’t have auto leveling headlights?

Preview: All-New 2022 Lexus NX Gains New Engines, Efficiency, Space, and Tech

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22 Comments on "2022 Lexus NX First Impressions; Tesla Model 3 as a Rental Car | Talking Cars #331"

  1. Never click so fast. Any nx 2022 news is good. Other than a delay

  2. If I knew my hotel would have an available ev charge station and My route has charge stations (so I’m in California) I’d be ok renting one

  3. The boss is back. Behave boys and girls.

  4. EV adoption is accelerating every year. Exponential not linear. The only limiting factor is batteries.
    The number of electric vehicles and types of vehicles and trucks is growing.
    Many people are holding off buying a new car until the electric vehicle they want becomes available.
    Electric vehicles are just better. No noise, no emissions, less fuel costs, less maintenance costs and amazing technology. Gasoline and diesel are OLD polluting technology. So last century. Electric cars, electric trucks, electric buses, electric trash haulers, electric snow blowers, electric lawn mowers, electric weed whackers, electric hedge trimmers, electric snow mobiles, electric water craft, electric garden tools, electric mechanic tools, electric motor cycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric farm tractors, electric construction equipment, electric delivery vehicles, …… everything is going electric. No worries about starting after sitting for a few months. Gas always needs repairs. If you care about the future for your children care about climate change

  5. Tesla makes it clear where all its superchargers are. Non-issue…

  6. Excited for an out of touch take on EVs!

  7. Sounds like a discussion with people that have never owned or driven an electric vehicle on a regular basis.
    Electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and number of EV models and availability is growing every day.
    Sounds like grandma and grandpa complaining about things not being like they were 25 years ago.

  8. Y’all misunderstand what it’s like to drive an ev.

  9. If I need a rental car as of now I will make sure I don’t get an EV. Initial acceleration is none of my requirement from a rental car. I would like to have a vehicle that is convenient to use.

  10. Boy you missed the boat on the Hertz-Tesla deal. Ford created Hertz to get people to buy Fords. Hertz will have a bit of a premium to rent a Tesla, so the people who rent them will be those that are thinking about buying, so they will know about charging. When it’s time for me to buy a car, after I’ve narrowed it down to 2 finalists, I rent each to see which I want to invest in. This is huge for Tesla, and for Hertz.

    And these are TESLAs, it is just a button on the screen to find nearby chargers. It’s not like this is a Leaf, a Bolt or even a Mach-e that doesn’t have its own network.

    • Amazing that a company like Hertz could ditch all their debt while screwing their creditors, going bankrupt, then suddenly re-emerge with new loans to buy 100,000 Teslas. Only in America…

  11. The EV industry is well aware of charging issues and is working on mitigating those issues. If that’s the worst thing that can be said, then every time an ICE vehicle is reviewed the fact that it emits poison into our environment contributing to the warming of our home should be stressed. The Earth is like a garage with the doors and windows closed.

  12. Something not mentioned, that does need to be explained by Hertz, to Tesla renters, is how to “start” and “turn off” the car.
    Havening done valet for a while, Teslas were always not intuitive for new valet drivers not familiar with the car..
    The following questions, ALWAYS come up,
    “How do I turn it on the engine”?
    “How do I put it into Drive?”
    “How do I put it into Park?”
    “How do I shut it off?”
    I’m sure it’s similar issues with other electric cars, but my only EV experiences have been with Teslas…

  13. Jennifer’s bad sound makes good video look bad. (She was wearing a microphone on the earphone cord. Please teach her how to use/select it.)

  14. the new NX looks amazing

  15. When I’m on a trip and renting a car, I’m not so much concerned about fuel efficiency. Sitting at the parking lot for 30 min to charge up the car? Drilling down the menus to change fan direction? No, thank you.

  16. it’s like the old Prius shifter. It’s that hard????? SMH

  17. Excellent professionally presented show Thanks. The giddy giggles and unprepared presenters were not missed.

  18. Hertz said they will not initially require returns to be fully charged. Elon Musk said the cars will not be bare bones models.

  19. tesla model 3 is a good rental

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