2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #372

2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #372 1

On this episode, we discuss the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid. Find out how the Sportage Hybrid compares to the gasoline Sportage we tested, and why hybrid versions of small SUVs often improve a model overall. We also answer a question about all-wheel drive and determine whether it can be considered a safety feature or convenience feature.


0:00 – 11:48 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid

11:50 – 20:34 Question: Is all-wheel drive a safety feature, a nice-to-have-perk, or over-hyped?


2023 Kia Sportage Is Long on Style and Room, Short on Verve:

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18 Comments on "2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #372"

  1. Lots of EV6 styling language.

  2. Why doesn’t Consumer Reports mention very much about the car’s reliability?

  3. FYI: winter tires are mandatory in Quebec in the winter, but not all of Canada.

  4. They don’t know about Kia shifter. In parking situation, You have to a several R/D gear change.
    Ford shifter system need to specific position. Kia shifter system don’t need(except neutral gear).
    The Kia system is easier than the Ford system.
    And, They don’t know about the hidden feature of the climates controller.

  5. If only there were a volume knob on the steering wheel! Where we really need a volume knob is in the rear seat and one in the trunk. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase Kia, help us out!

  6. This thing has a turbo, transmission, and motors. More moving things and new system means low reliability compared to the simple system found in Toyota and Honda

  7. Yeah, we don’t have mandated snow tires in most of Canada, just Quebec. But I think it might be an idea for the rest of Canada because it seems like it’s always the least competent drivers who don’t have snow tires and it might reduce insurance rates. I drive an AWD vehicle and I also have winter tires.

  8. If you want more knobs, get the poverty spec model.

  9. What about reliability and dependability? Please advise!!

  10. Keith what is that ancient computer in the background?

  11. The Queen's Half Corgi | August 12, 2022 at 4:27 PM |

    🤣 @ y’all complaining about $4/gallon for regular “gas”

  12. I know you haven’t tested it, but what is your best guess for how the plug in Sportage would score?

  13. My Ford C-max Energi has 188hp 188ft lb……seamless engine to battery

  14. thank you guys for the content. I really like the discussion. but the reason why we all actually agree on the volume knob. or the tuning knob. because of the automotive interior designer. they get carried away with the infotainment system to make it better to the point they are lost its principle from it. I wish they give building the engine the same focus thoughts and concerns just as much as they do with the infotainment system. and I wish they give up the stupid Piano shiny black in any interior service. I don’t know why they are insisting to push such material on the consumer?! I personally need to know what Kia or Hyundai did regarding the Engines failure that catch on fire. I’m as a consumer I heard nothing about that. either company talks about it !! that is a concern. in upstate new york. their dealership Kia and Hyundai doesn’t have a good customer service reputation. I don’t know why I haven’t had any dealing with them but it is a concern. I’m a Toyota owner. I have a 2012 Venza V6 AWD. excellent reliable Vehicle. and that is my second Toyota Due to reliability. I’m an ordinary person I don’t have too much cash to buy a different car every ten years. that’s why. Gm. Ford. and Dodge. Vehicles are out of my shopping list especially since I buy used ones.

  15. You guys have been repeatedly going out of your way to not mention Tesla, even though they are the pioneer of electrification. You have lost credibility in my eyes.

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