5 Things I Would Never Do as a Laundry Expert | Consumer Reports

5 Things I Would Never Do As A Laundry Expert | Consumer Reports 1

CR test engineer Rich Handel says it's time to free yourself from the grips of fabric softener 🙌. Learn more at cr.org/laundry5things

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7 Comments on "5 Things I Would Never Do as a Laundry Expert | Consumer Reports"

  1. I saw this on TikTok too!! Great way to leverage content onto different platforms.

  2. more of this guy please

  3. Good grief, it’s come to this? Right up there with “Caution: Contents are HOT!!!”.

  4. I’m walkin’ here!

  5. Fabric softener is actually useful. It reduces static cling. Very useful against cat hair.

  6. Now how do I get my wife to watch this without sounding like a _

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