2022 Mazda MX-30 | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #371

2022 Mazda Mx-30 | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #371 1

This week, we share our impressions of the all-electric Mazda MX-30, the automaker’s first EV to hit the market. Find out why we think the MX-30 is behind the times and why only 560 vehicles are planned to be sold in the US. We also answer an audience question about the legality of LED replacement headlights.

0:00 – 12:22 – 2022 Mazda MX-30

12:22 – 19:27 – Video Question: Are LED replacement bulbs legal?


Frustrating Mazda MX-30 Can’t Match Other Modern EVs:

Smart Adaptive Headlights Will Soon Brighten U.S. Roads:

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18 Comments on "2022 Mazda MX-30 | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #371"

  1. Of Course, the people’s republic of Komifornia. Screwing it up for everybody.

  2. The MX-30 looks great and has a nice interior, but the range is so short that it’s totally unusable as a daily driver and I don’t know why anyone would buy one at the price point.

  3. Why would you guys waste time talking about the MX-30? This car isn’t even worth the discussion. There are so many other cars that should be spotlighted. I can’t imagine anyone actually buying this car, especially at that price. This car only makes sense if you get it for free.

  4. Mike puts it best, the mx30 was cobbled quickly together. It’s disappointing that after the model s came out 10 years ago, we still have car manufacturers put out experiments

  5. Another way to look at this type of rear door is that it’s a 2-door with easier rear seat access. Edit: Also it’s sold as a regular ICE vehicle in markets like Australia and Japan, hence the empty space under the hood.

  6. What a cynical company… kinda sours me on the Miata, just because

  7. Why is Consumer reports dealing with a car of 560 total sales?

    The headlight question however was very interesting

  8. Honda Insight is also loud, though it’s a hybrid, not an EV

  9. The MX-30 wasn’t designed for the U.S. market obviously. It’s still behind the competition in Asia but not by as wide a margin. It’s unlikely to be offered for sale anywhere outside of California. What few there are will probably be available dirt cheap in the near future.

  10. Depending on the price, the MX30 with a range extender would be perfect. With 100 miles of EV range, I’ll never have to get gas for daily use. But on the road trip 2-3 times a year, the range extender will take care of it. I hope the extender gives the MX30 at lease 300 miles of range. Other PHEVs have 500 miles. In regards to LEDs, I replaced the turn signals with LEDs. I had to include a resister because the LED was drawing too little power and I was getting a warning lights because the car thought the bulb had gone out. The resister gets very hot so it had to be placed in a appropriate place so it won’t over heat something else.

  11. I find it so distressing that the majority of your programs these days is all about EV’s. While I guess it’s the sign of the times many, and dare I say most of us, still prefer the internal combustion engine (ICE). EV’s are not practical and are not conducive for the long road trip and until that time arrives, maybe it’s time to have a separate programs for EV’s and ICE’s.

  12. In a lot of vehicles that use headlamps for DRL at lower voltages, LEDs often won’t work, or have ECU that monitors bulb draw to let drivers know if bulbs are functioning (will often throw a code).

  13. Yup this is a black eye for Mazda. I can’t believe that making the MX-30 was cheaper than paying the fines. Now when people think of BEV’s they won’t think Mazda. The MX-30 will have very little range when the temps dip below zero during the winter, but it doesn’t matter if they are all sold in Sunny CA. The selling point to BEV’s is the instant rush you get when you step on the go pedal the biggest downside is distance on a charge, so I hope Mazda comes up with something better. I love my Mach-e, I also own a 2014 Mazda 3 and a 2016 CX-5 which have been great so far.

  14. I know it’s tough but it would be great to see episodes in the future how it was done before where there would be 3-4 viewer questions after the car of discussion. That means the videos will be longer but would be more awesome

  15. Congrats to Mazda. They made the world’s most expensive golf cart.

  16. If they gave the MX-30 a range extender (making it like the Chevy Volt), this would be a super compelling car. I believe that version is coming soon, for 2023. I hope CR gives this car another look at that point.

  17. Mike Repairs Stuff - formally Psoriasis Channel | August 5, 2022 at 6:39 PM |

    Great informative show!! CR-TALKING CARS

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