2019 Audi A6 First Look; All-Electric Ford F-150 | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #219

2019 Audi A6 First Look; All-Electric Ford F-150 | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #219 1

This week we share our first impressions of the Audi A6 including its all-new drivetrain and the waning relevance of sedans in the luxury market. Plus, our experts talk about the impact of Ford announcing plans for an all-electric F-150 pickup and a newly released NTSB report on a Tesla crash in California. We also answer your questions about bumper-to-bumper warranties and maintenance tips to keep your car running over 200K miles.

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0:25 – Ford electric vehicle lineup

0:50 – Ford F-150 EV prototype hauls 6625 tons

2:25 – Ford invests in Rivian

6:35 – NTSB report on Tesla crash

9:18 – 2019 Audi A6

11:25 – 2019 Audi Q3

15:20 – Audience Questions

15:29 – Video Question #1: Maintenance tips to get your car over the 200K mark

18:07- Question #2: Wet/dry braking test temperature and winter tire performance

21:44 – Question #3: Should I buy an extended warranty?


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23 Comments on "2019 Audi A6 First Look; All-Electric Ford F-150 | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #219"

  1. I do not like that SUVs are taking over. We have a Q7, Q5 and A6 and all fight over who takes the A6 just so much nicer to drive. I did drive the e-tron yesterday and that may well replace the Q7 in January. As for an electric truck I would buy one yesterday if the range and price are right.

  2. The small electric pick up is an excellent idea.

  3. Ford will be rediculously too late to start trying. It will be a decade or two behind even with learning curve lessons, and better battery tech. Meanwhile, Tesla has just about got battery and maintanence setup great. Next, Tesla will have their own proprietary next level battery tech that others can’t just “buy” third party to drop in as a second thought.

  4. Nissan CVT if you go by the manufacturer intervals for transmission oil changed you will need a new transmission in 120k miles. Change oil every 30k miles if you want the cvt to last..

    • I really can’t believe they said that… They gave the most amaturistic answer ever. They also ignored his question about winter preventive maintenance…

    • gianfrancoa who changes your CVT fluid, and how much does it cost? I have been looking for a good YouTube video, it always appears so complicated. It is expensive at the dealer $400 plus (Los Angeles Area) and I don’t trust the dealer. As far as the 30k deal, my CVT didn’t make it to 16k before having to be replaced the first time.

  5. A decent electric infrastructure? Really? Yeah no. I don’t know about the rest of you but aside from a Tesla charging station at a Tesla store or a charging station along I95 in CT I don’t really see electric charging stations.

  6. Great point! This is why electric pick up trucks will be a hit if they are rugged. If you are hauling and not towing, you usually don’t need that long of range. Just the time it takes to get some coffee and donuts or a big gulp at a corner store on the way to a job or between jobs could be enough to top up for either a job or the day. You are also right, charging should be parallel when possible. Small trucks and delivery vehicles are a great way to go for new models. Tesla should sell off their old tech to other manufactures so they can jump start their programs with old Tesla tech.

  7. I too think the electric F-150 truck display was a stunt! It was to “show up” the Rivan pick up truck to a certain degree. It’s possible I guess. The TT 3.5 mill in the F-150? People are on the fence simply for the durability issue. Personally, I would rather buy the V8 over the 3.5 turbo motor in the truck. The A-6 from AUDI? The 7speed dual clutch is its weakness also, let alone that weak 4 cylinder.

  8. People like you talked about the exact same thing to the electric Horseless Carriage which came out in the 1800’s

  9. Please bring Quincy back from exile. He’s a good kid.

  10. Any talk of EV anything beyond 3 months is still a concept dream which will probably change a small or large amount. Auto companies do this just to keep your focus on them… 👍😎

  11. Can’t wait for pure electric F-150! Raptor 🤞

  12. That warranty was expensive, but remember, it’s lifetime of ownership. You won’t be able to buy that aftermarket.
    Just check the fine print. If they expect you to get everything done at exactly the mileage required, it’s not worth it.

  13. Any concepts out there built around a cassette type battery setup? instead of plugging in, you’d swap out batteries? Fuel stations would have charged-up batteries available to swap out.

  14. Great job, John and Ryan 👏💛!

  15. 6:50 He’s *not* fine. He (the Tesla driver who wasn’t paying attention and let the “Autopilot” drive the car into a fire truck) is an idiot.

  16. I see an electric pick up being very useful and en excellent alternative for construction contractors, landscape companies, gardeners, etc. that mostly serve a local area

  17. I would love to see a video where you get a dozen people to attempt to pronounce Ryan’s last name.

  18. So a when a distracted driver is in a Tesla it’s worse than when a distracted driver is in a gas car? Not buying it.

  19. There’s no such thing as “Lifetime Fluids”. When a manufacturer says “Lifetime”, they simply mean until the factory warranty expires.
    I’m surprised CR fell for this.

  20. More malpractice from Consumer Reports! FYI Ryan lifetime transmission fluid means it’s good for the life of the transmission not the life of the car. He should do a transmission drain and fill before its first 100k. Never flush an old transmission and BTW Honda CRV have not been as reliable as they used to be and definitely not as reliable as a RAV4.

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