8 Comments on "Reducing Allergens at Home | Consumer Reports"

  1. So corny with the overacting

  2. How do I get Jack out of my home? I am to old for Sesame Street characters

  3. Plenty of cheese in this video for her salad!

  4. If you have a bag less vacuum, why not just empty the container outside then.

  5. Give that man an Oscar

  6. Brother of Satya

  7. Info great but gimmick are over done

  8. Only reason CR keeps wasting $ and our time on these videos is Jack is bilingual. What about languages other than Spanish, Marta Tellado? Need more actual ratings of products and more information, not completely useless videos with info much more readily available elsewhere and probably more accurate and up to date, such as American Academy of Allergy & Immunology.

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