2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Test Results; CR Autos Spotlight | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #243

2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Test Results; Cr Autos Spotlight | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #243 1

We’ve completed testing the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid. Find out how this version of the small SUV tops the traditionally powered Escape in our tests. We also break down how we rate the best and worst vehicles and brands for CR’s 2020 Autos Spotlight, clear up some confusion about EV ownership and answer your questions.

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0:57 – CR Autos Spotlight

6:37 – Common questions about EV ownership

11:37 – 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid test results

14:34 – Send us your questions at TalkingCars@icloud.com

14:40 – Question #1: Are CR’s testing methods biased when it comes to
non-conventional gear selectors?

19:06 – Question #2: How will trademarks affect CR’s push to standardize the naming conventions of standard advanced safety equipment?

20:38 – Question #3: How much should passenger side impact test results affect a decision to buy a vehicle?

22:44 – We’re hiring an Automotive Engineer at our Test Track! Apply here:

2020 CR Autos Spotlight:

Hybrid/EV Buying Guide:

Electric Car FAQs:

2020 Ford Escape:

Ford Escape Vehicle Page:

We’re hiring an Automotive Engineer at our Test Track! Apply here:

31 Comments on "2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Test Results; CR Autos Spotlight | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #243"

  1. Wouldn’t touch a ford with a 10 feet pole. I’m a mechanic and Ford manufacturers junk vehicles.

    • scaldon2 lol ouch

    • 20 foot pole

    • @Right Lane Hog Ford along with other american automakers use cheap parts in their vehicles . They do this cause they want a quick profit to alleviate their shareholders. But this is done and the customers have to buy a subpar vehicle . Also American autoworkers arent motivated . So it shows in their work. Anyone who sees this comment run from Ford run .

    • @scaldon2 Ford , GM and FCA are mediocre corporations living on a combination of the pickup/SUV craze and past glories. My car was manufactured by American autoworkers who were given top class parts to assemble in a well organized environment . The inevitable result is a highly reliable car. Please don’t blame the workers for the sins of the fraudsters in the boardroom.

  2. Escape 11:38 which doesn’t have “test results”.

  3. Safety or speed – choose one

  4. This episode was too short

  5. Jen has a gift for moderating discussions. This video is remarkably clean and useful, with all participants saying useful things and not talking over each other.

  6. At first I had trouble with the push button shifters. Now after 1 year, i am very used to it and enjoy it very much! ‘19 Honda Insight

  7. So….. what happened to the test results for Ford Escape hybrid?

  8. Too bad Ford’s management sucks and the brand has tons of quality issues.

  9. 13:16 obvious answer: cheap to build

  10. Where do I find your show notes? Moused around your site, Help!

  11. CarterBurtonMotorsportsDotCom | February 20, 2020 at 2:40 PM |

    When I think of Reliability, I’m most concerned about the likely hood of X vehicle having me or my family stuck on the side of the road. Buttons and switches and doors and clunks and rattles are minor issues that seem to be more considered in “reliability” tests now days. Because a Bluetooth connection drops from time to time should not count against actual reliability. IMO. However listing those details are still appreciated.

    • I thought they had said a while ago that they were taking those things out of reliability and adding a category called Usability just so as to focus on what you and I consider reliability.

  12. Yes jake fisher is here yeeee hawwww

  13. To bill with the Acura!
    I drive the 2 liter Accord with the button shifter and after over a year I can tell you that I hate it and never got used to it, and to imagine that this is a high end feature !

  14. I think “innovative” shifters falls into my category of things I never felt needed “improving”. A traditional shifter at least gives you tactile feedback as to what you are doing with it, opposed to hitting a button. I didn’t have to look at my shifter to know I had put it in reverse, or drive.

  15. I think some of this naming thing is really about lawyers. Honda’s have CMBS (collision mitigation braking system) as opposed to AEBS (automatic emergency braking system.) One “mitigates” a crash and the other sounds like it’s going to stop the car in an emergency. From testing we know AEBS will not prevent all rear end crashes.

  16. I’d like to see electric vehicles that are large and wouldn’t mind if they traded acceleration in the seven second range if it meant that it would deliver six or seven hundred miles of range between charges. We went small due to gas mileage and emissions and without those as concerns we can go back to what we’ve always done best and also be comfortable. Shifters on the steering column would be nice too. You don’t need to move your hand as far when you park your car when you get home. I realized this after driving a pickup for six years with a column shifter and bought an SUV with a floor shifter, got home and thought “Oh now I have to move my hand now!”
    I never thought I’d think like an old guy after years of driving a standard shift.

  17. Prior to the opportunities on YouTube there were only automotive magazines. I think that it was the late David E Davis who said that you stood a better chance at the time of landing a seat on the Supreme Court than finding an opening as a journalist with an automobile magazine.

  18. Love when Jen is in the video!

  19. 12 mins in before you even start talking about the escape!

  20. Jen is a great moderator. Well done team!

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