Ford Bronco’s New Off-Road Tech | Consumer Reports

Ford Bronco'S New Off-Road Tech | Consumer Reports 1

At Consumer Reports' Auto Test Track we have a 33% incline rock hill to see how off-road vehicles perform. As off-road tech continues to evolve, we take a look at the Ford Bronco and its new off-road tech including off-road cruise control and hill-descent control.

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5 Comments on "Ford Bronco’s New Off-Road Tech | Consumer Reports"

  1. What happened to all the fails Broncos have had since they started selling? Are those fixed?

    • Like many all-new vehicles, especially those launched during the pandemic, the Bronco has had some challenges with its launch. NHTSA lists three open recalls and an investigation. This is a reminder that it pays to wait a year or two before buying a completed new or redesigned model. Current owners are encouraged to work with their dealership to have the fixes performed in the recalls.

    • Basically, no

  2. Oops! You forgot to declare that you paid to attend the Ford event . ๐Ÿ˜

  3. This is pur advertisement and should be presented as such.
    CR is putting itself in a situation where there are at least appearances of conflict of interests if not direct conflict of interest while compromising its credibility and failing its mission.

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