2019 Mercedes A220 Test Results; Why Windshield Replacements Are More Expensive | Talking Cars #225

2019 Mercedes A220 Test Results; Why Windshield Replacements Are More Expensive | Talking Cars #225 1

We've completed testing of the 2019 Mercedes A-Class, and discuss how it performed at our track – does the small sedan live up to the luxury nameplate? We also discuss Ford's issues with its Explorer and Aviator models, and why problems with a brand new car aren't as uncommon as you might think. And why are windshield replacements becoming more expensive? We answer that, as well as questions about our tire testing, and the lack of Japanese cars on European roads in our audience Q&A segment.

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0:40 – The all-new Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator experience production problems

6:44 – CR’s test results of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class

12:20 – Preview Mercedes-Benz CLA 250

13:03 – Send us your questions at TalkingCars@icloud.com!

13:23 – Video Question #1: Will tires of the same make, model and brand perform differently on front-wheel, rear-wheel and AWD cars?

17:04 – Video Question #2: Will it take longer to replace a windshield on a new Subaru Forester?

22:11 – Question #3: Why aren’t there as many ‘reliable’ vehicles on the road in Europe versus the United States?

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20 Comments on "2019 Mercedes A220 Test Results; Why Windshield Replacements Are More Expensive | Talking Cars #225"

  1. This is why you never buy first model year cars. The Ford and Lincoln problems are inexcusable. That Mercedes is 100% overpriced, a Toyota Camry and Honda Accord gives you a better driving experience. I think sample size is important too, the typical Lincoln buyer won’t be doing half as much driving as the Ford buyer so the car will naturally wear down much faster, even if internally it’s all the same

  2. Very sad design the face of this car makes me cry lol 😁😁😁😁

  3. Happier every day I bought a ’19 Explorer and didn’t wait (and also pay a lot more)! Mine did have a defect, there was a sensor relay for the headlight housing that caused the DRL to appear “burned out”. Was pretty disappointed the dealer misdiagnosed the issue and I had to wait for a brand new housing just for them to discover it wasn’t the problem. But all is well now!

  4. My friends Honda with the 1.5T has been at the dealer 5 times for the same issue. It’s there now too. Left with no loaner car while it’s at the dealer for weeks at a time.

  5. As a CR subscriber, I have to somewhat disagree with the comparison between the A-class and Genesis. Some folks are able to handle more complex technology than the reviewers. As much as I love the reliability of the Japanese makes that I own now, I still miss the logical placement, the tactile feel and the ease of use of the controls in the VWs that I used to own.

    May be the reviewers should kinda accept their limitations? Especially, the guy on the right? He makes these silly comments on most of his reviews of non-Asian makes. Dude, don’t be a snob and accept that you’re a simple man. It will help make your life a LOT better.

  6. Mercedes gives you tons of options and three ways to adjust them. CR Verdict: too complicated. So better not having anything and zero ways to adjust them and zero ways to adjust them. CR Verdict: perfect. Seriously, it’s super easy if you get used to your car and most people buying cars tend to drive them regularly.

  7. Always over too soon. 😏

  8. My bet on the cars seen in Europe is taxes. Like Japanese cars in the US that have to be mfg here to avoid import taxes. The market in Europe is so small it doesn’t make economic “cents” to built a factory there to service such a small number of purchasers. Therefore the numbers of foreign cars (ie Japanese) there would be fewer.

  9. Until recently the EU had a tariff on Japanese car import.

  10. Clue to what cars Consumer Reports likes. That Toyota 86 was tested quite some time ago, yet they still have it and use it for tire tests. It is a fun little car that is a little underpowered, but good overall. I guess I should not be surprised they like a Subaru (everything but a few parts, like the rear wheel drive transmission which comes from Aisin which is a Toyota supplier).

  11. Are u lot 200 years old. You are blaming Mercedes for given people options on how to interact with multimedia

  12. I know 2 people who bought the a class over Other small cars just because of the infotainment configurability

  13. I’ve a 2017 Subaru Forester with eye sight and last September I had to have the windshield replaced. $1300.00 dealer only and was almost a 4 month back order. My insurance took care of it but had I not had the windshield coverage; ouch! $$$. I then had to go to the dealer to have the eye sight calibrated because where I went was having an issue doing it. It wasn’t the best overall experience.

  14. We bought 2020 palisade ultimate. over 2 months now. 4500 kms on it already.
    Not even 1 issue. I’m pleasantly surprised..

  15. Every new model has issues, more so with unreliable brands like Ford.

  16. The last question was answered pretty poorly in my opinion…

  17. When I was in Africa almost all the cars were Toyota’s. Many were even Diesels. When I spent some time in Europe I did see many VW’s as well as BMW’s and Mercedes. I suspect they are all made “Over There”. My “S Class” was made in Mexico and was the most unreliable car I have ever owned.

  18. Keith should have the deer outfit 🙂

  19. Currently driving a rental 2018 Mazda 6, the multimedia/control screen has gone out/gone blank several times. Restarting the car fixes it. But my 2007 Volvo V70 never does that. Something to be said for older cars.

  20. Omg 10:25. Please. All automakers. Listen to this. Spend 5 dollars on a cushion on all your knee level console panels for all models. Please.

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