Live from Los Angeles; How CA Guides the Auto Industry | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #231

Live From Los Angeles; How Ca Guides The Auto Industry | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #231 1

When it comes to cars, what happens in California doesn't stay in California. In fact, the most populated state in the US has a history of affecting changes in car culture and trends around the rest of the country (if not the world!) We speak to CA residents in person during this live recording of Talking Cars from the LA Auto Show, and discuss how issues like emissions regulations, fuel economy legislation, and alternative fuel adoption began here, and have had an impact around the rest of the world.


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00:35 – Who is David Friedman?

01:34 – California Car Culture

05:17 – Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

15:46 – California Car Regulations and CARB (California Air Resources Board)

17:31 – Silicon Valley Influencing The Auto Industry

23:02 – Smart Regulation

29:12 – Question #1: What should you consider when purchasing your first EV?

33:22 – Question #2: Why Automakers are Not Fully Embracing EVs?

38:08 – Question #3: Why EV Infrastructure is Not Driven by Car Manufacturers?

43:46 – Question #4: Should Other Manufacturers Follow Tesla’s Example of Super Charger Network Infrastructure?

48:24 – Question #5: Why Auto Manufacturers Starting to Charge Fees For Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

52:48 – Question #6: What Happens to a Vehicles’ CR Rating When its Reliability Drops Over Time

55:17 – Question #7: How Can States Recoup Lost Fuel Taxes?

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32 Comments on "Live from Los Angeles; How CA Guides the Auto Industry | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #231"

  1. Its like, you know, i mean…

  2. Is the guy on the end Keith’s father?

  3. Big question do all these car manufacturers be able to Source raw materials for the next 10 to 50 years to make electric car ? And well people be willing to pay for them out of packet are through taxes?

    • They are “sourcing” raw materials. “sourcing lithium” from Bolivia like they “sourced” oil from Iraq. How do you clean the blood of the native population off your dirty batteries?

  4. David Sant Jordi Coronel | November 28, 2019 at 3:07 PM |

    I’m surprised the audience wasn’t larger than it was.

  5. Jake “I mean, look” Fisher 😂

  6. Keith adds a lot of good energy to the CR crew – great hire CR team!

  7. They didn’t really answer the second last question…

  8. Well if you mean by California’s influence on the world, meaning myself doing the exact opposite then yes I am often influenced by California. (:

  9. Regarding the price of a car and the hidden fees….in Ontario Canada, the whole price including all fees has to be shown in the ad or their website…it’s the law up here.

  10. 37:24 that’s the easiest way to tell if a car company is about to go under in my opinion. If every car they make, and if every decision they make, maximizes profit, the company has gone under it just doesn’t know it yet.

    This gets back to “the three cars every auto maker must have”.

  11. Talking cars is getting too woke….

  12. O wow a little leftist Jew held a protest at the LA auto show. Wow Consumer Reports really got themselves a one in a million right there

  13. Most car salesmen know very little about what they’re selling

  14. Where is Jen?

  15. Pleas upload Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #232?

  16. The destination fee that’s charged to cars is clearly visible on the sticker. And how they transport vehicles is very inefficient, however still is costly.

  17. Good choice making Keith Barry the host. This guy is great!

  18. James May called, he wants his shirts back.

  19. 54:43 I’ve actually got some data that suggests alfa’s reliability, at least for the non-qudrafilio Julia, might actually be mid pack by modern standards. Its early, so I’ll wait to see your scores, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

  20. 58:41 I’m thinking government run charging stations. Mobility and a thriving economy go hand in hand and making a network with the primary goal of assuring cheap energy, while funding infrastructure, is the way to go. Because if that system is not regulated or controlled on some level it will become just as toxic as the oil industry given enough time.

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