Air Fryer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

Air Fryer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports 1

The golden promise of air fryers is to make crispy fried food with little or no oil. Consumer Reports guides you through what to look for when buying these hot kitchen appliances.

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11 Comments on "Air Fryer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports"

  1. Glad I kept my convection oven, my toaster, and my money.

  2. Metal mesh is such a pain to clean

  3. My 3 purchase metrics for air fryer is 1. the reliability of the basket and bottom bowl coating – mine started peeling after two weeks of daily use; 2. the reliability of the basket handle detachment mechanism from the bottom bowl, mine broken in three months of daily use; 3. the reliability of the control dial (mechanical type) or pad (electronic type). Mine are still working fine after half year of daily use but some reviews complained the rotary dials on the mechanical types do not last long.

    It’s the usual issues related to design / Chinese made poor quality.

    Noise? Who cares about that!? I like the fan noise better than the beep after the cooking is done.

  4. This comes a week after Black Friday. No help at all, as those who want one already brought one at greatly reduced price during black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shame on CR!

  5. I’d rather have a countertop convection oven, so I brought one. πŸ™‚

  6. Are there any Internet-enabled air fryers? I want to be able to control it using Alexa/Siri/Google.

  7. Great! Now y’all post. πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  8. It is getting close to the Holidays and a lot of people I know are thinking of getting a commuter electric scooter for college but there are so many mish mash of reviews. Which scooter would be best for a college student?

  9. Thumbnail had me thinking it was a BMW airfryer.

  10. Did not see T-Fal being tested!

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