2020 Toyota Supra Test Results; Confusing Names for Safety Features | Talking Cars #232

2020 Toyota Supra Test Results; Confusing Names For Safety Features | Talking Cars #232 1

We’ve completed testing of the 2020 Toyota Supra. Find out how it performed and if its BMW-based platform lives up to the hype. We also talk about CR’s joint effort with AAA, J.D. Power, and the National Safety Council to develop common terms for advanced driver safety systems. Plus, we answer audience questions about crash tests, the performance of different size winter tires, and if leaving a sunroof cracked open will help keep a car cool.


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0:22 – CR partners with J.D. Power, AAA and the National Safety Council to create common names for advanced vehicle safety systems

7:55 – 2020 Toyota Supra Test Results

17:22 – Audience Questions

17:34 – Question #1: Are different crash tests weighted differently and how should they influence a buying decision?

21:22 – Question #2: Are hybrid engines designed differently than traditional internal combustion engines? Does the on/off cycle of a hybrid engine affect its longevity?

24:35 – Question #3: If you leave the sunroof of your car cracked open, will hotter air escape and lower the interior temperature?

27:27 – Question #4: Will different sized winter tires (17”/18”) perform differently on a vehicle?

2020 Toyota Supra Makes Thrilling Return:

2019 BMW Z4 Quick Drive:

Advanced Car Safety Features Need Less Confusing Names, Consumer Reports Says:

The Sobering Reality of Hot Car Deaths:

How to Cool Your Car Like a Pro:

Tire Ratings:

31 Comments on "2020 Toyota Supra Test Results; Confusing Names for Safety Features | Talking Cars #232"

  1. Supra at 7:59

    • 4 short minutes about the Supra then 5 long, boring minutes complaining how hard it is to put a child seat in the Supra! Good grief Consumer Reports! Next time how about reviewing the car, especially an exciting one!

  2. Too bad they’re not selling like all the hype was about lol

  3. I appreciate these podcasts and the promotion of safety systems for the benefit of all. I like having the different perspectives, the learn by experience, the writer (enthusiast), the PhD engineer. What comes across is passion and advocacy. Thank you.❄💨

  4. Do you know what is funny? These days people expecting that all cars with different style and purpose do function the same as each other which is totally not possible. When you have a child, Surpra is not a right car because it is a sport car, not a family car. I hope you guys and others will understand the differences. Thanks!

    • I think it’s well understood that the Supra is no Sienna…

    • @Luke Rinderknecht very true! That is why when professional people talk about Supra, they should know it. Yes, Supra is not Sienna. Thanks!

    • When we forget the purpose of cars…
      Transporting people and things.
      Hopefully, it happens in a sporty fashion.
      The people that expect those things are not shopping for Supra’s, but it’s nice to know it’s capabilities. The average Land Rover won’t see an off-road trail, but we know it can take it.

      I’m sure there’s a reason for the crossover…
      Even if it’s not what the heart desires. 😭

  5. Hybrid ICE engines are different…..Atkinson cycle

    • I am surprised CR did not point this out. Atkinson cycle engines have less power than a conventional Otto cycle engine, but the hybrid electric motor more than makes up the difference at lower speeds. Cruising on the highway requires less power, so the Atkinson engine, being more efficient than a conventional Otto cycle engine, returns better fuel economy.

    • I am not surprised they didn’t mention it, CR keep calling Toyota’s eCVT CVT…

  6. Anthropology 4Everyone | December 9, 2019 at 4:30 PM |

    Where did Toyota/Lexus place in CR’s reliability survey and where did BMW/Mini place?

  7. The problem is not which or how many of the types of these safety systems cars have, it’s how reliable and accurate they are.

  8. It might be because each company patent their system names. Idk

    • Danny Post to be systems have the term Blindspot in them, but they are packaged differently some are packaged with the lane departure alert system all in one that’s why they are named differently, I don’t know how anyone is so stupid they can’t figure out with something with the word “Blindspot” in it means

  9. Love the work you do, but several vids and still no Durango love.

  10. So your main commentary on the Supra was about child seat placement?

  11. So about 5 minutes on fitting a child seat in the Supra… uh, ok

  12. My fav weekly show

  13. Julian and Jennifer Edgoose | December 10, 2019 at 3:15 AM |

    Great to have the doc on the show. Appreciated her comments and insights. Please encourage her to speak about her experiences driving the car too, even if she doesn’t spend as much time driving performance cars as the other guys. Her perspective is probably closer to that of most viewers.

  14. Now matter what Toyota calls it, it’s a BMW, with all the reliability problems that BMW has.

  15. wtf 4 minutes talking about child seats in a 2 seat sports car. Come on guys, get on point!!!

  16. No sports car, nee Supra, is okay without a manual transmission. I don’t care if a manual is slower, it’s all about being engaged.

  17. The Supra is pretty sexy overall, but Ryan with that beard manages to upstage it 🙃

  18. irrational review, who is going to buy a supra to be able to fit a car seat! this lady should is in the wrong review room, she should be doing minivan review.

  19. Let’s keep the order on the title. Supra!

  20. Does CR hire only speech challenged goofs? Report isn’t this!

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