2020 Mazda CX-30 & 2020 Hyundai Venue; Is It Smart to Buy a Used Car Online? | Talking Cars #233

2020 Mazda Cx-30 &Amp; 2020 Hyundai Venue; Is It Smart To Buy A Used Car Online? | Talking Cars #233 1

Consumer Reports recently rented a 2020 Mazda CX-30, the carmaker's latest small SUV, and purchased the all-new 2020 Hyundai Venue small SUV, and we give our first impressions on what it's like to be behind the wheel of these new cars in this growing segment. We also discuss used car buying sites like Carvana and Vroom, and what you can do to protect yourself when purchasing a car online. In addition, we answer audience questions about the scarcity of the Volkswagen eGolf in the US, how to properly store a car during cold winter months, and the right approach to tire buying when your current set consists of different brands.

0:30 – 2020 Mazda CX-5 First Impressions

7:42 – 2020 Hyundai Venue First Impressions

17:34 – Is it smart to buy a used car online using services like Carvana?

18:21 – Why is it so difficult to find a late model Volkwagen e-Golf in the US?

21:45 – Dunlops and Kinda tires on my car, should I get a matching set?

24:56 – what’s the best way to store a car during the winter months?

First Drive: 2020 Hyundai Venue:

2019 BMW Z4 Quick Drive:

What to Look for When Purchasing a Used Electric Vehicle:

How to Save Money When Buying Replacement Tires:

Tire Ratings:


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24 Comments on "2020 Mazda CX-30 & 2020 Hyundai Venue; Is It Smart to Buy a Used Car Online? | Talking Cars #233"

  1. I like how Gabe directs the questions without joking around.

  2. I’ve recently driven a few Audi (A5, Q5) and Mercedes (CLA250, C300, E350) models that are very similar to the Mazda non-touch screen and you only use the center dial.

    I think Mazda, going for the premium segment, was looking to make that experience more familiar to the luxury segment buyer.

    But I do prefer the Genesis systems that allow for both touch and scroll dial/wheel.
    The new German cars are going this direction too (or just a touch screen).

  3. I’d LOVE on-line car purchasing for *NEW* cars.

  4. Chinese tires should be avoided at all costs IMO. I’d rather buy used, more familiar brand tires…

  5. I have a set of dunlop tires on my 2018 Mazda 3, and have very worn tread at 16,000 miles

  6. Two concerns. I can’t seem to justify the pricing.. I might as well stick with a base cx5 or alternatively a lower priced sub compact. Second.. Mexican built for perceived quality. Idk.

  7. Wonder how long it takes to get cash back in account if person decides they dont want the used car from these online sales ?

  8. Yes, but do child seats fit into a Ferrari F40?

  9. Gabe is improving, good job.

  10. hey why didnt y’all mention that the cx30 has class-leading standard (or even optionally available) horsepower, and, an available power hatch…. or, cylinder deactivation on top-trim AWD model…?…

  11. key point with carvana at least is you do test drive it before you”buy it” aka sign the paperwork….if you have it delivered to your residence they literally take it of the carrier and you go take it for a test drive for 30 min or so… then your sign the paperwork to accept or refuse it then you have the additional days/miles to determine if you really want it….. same thing with the “vending machine” “lot ” locations….. you go there and have an appointment and they bring the car to you from the vending machine and you inspect it, test drive it, and again decide to finish paperwork and take it or refuse it……they just eliminate the typical sales people, dealer BS and overhead…. for used cars I personally think its a cool idea. I’m 42 and currently on my 20th vehicle…I love cars and change my mind and buy often. It’s something I dread/anticipate due loving the fun of getting a new car but HATE car dealers. It’s an inconvenience and PITA to deal with dealerships.BUT that’s just my little insignificant opinion… Love the show as always!

  12. Comment 1 – if you don’t like seats in Mazda, then where do you like them? Subaru? Well, Outback has 1.5 inches less on thigh support than Mazda6 front seats

  13. Comment 2 – CX30 is not raised Mazda3. It shares only powertain. But no other parts. You not sold on Mazda strategy??? — look at Crosstrek. This mazda is really, a really really good Crosstrek

    • For me, the Crosstrek has better brake feel, and the Mazdas have better steering feel and a better automatic transmission, especially if you do not want all wheel drive that lowers gas mileage and possibly adds more reliability problems. I like Carmax- they will put a used vehicle on a truck so you can test drive it closer, either free or for a fee if it is farther away. You have 7 days to test drive it and have a mechanic check it. For tires, I like the Pirellis, either the less expensive P4s or the better Scorpion Verdes. Michelins cost more, and mine got age cracks before the tread was worn out.

  14. So the cx30 is kinda like the Crosstrek? A raised sedan/hatchback

  15. Hi talking cars.

    A follower of your YouTube show since its creation.

    I have a few observations.

    1. In regards to online buying of cars. Aside from a few brick-and-mortar places like carvana. Doesn’t Tesla operate the same way? And that is the selling of brand new and used cars.

    2. Isn’t the venue the same type of vehicle as the Kia Soul? The Aesthetics just look Hyundai.

  16. Mazda ruined the 3 in my opinion and the CX30 fixes some of those being $1k cheaper, no horrible blind spots from the c pillar in the hatch, improved steering, ect. Still won’t buy an SUV though and irritated that a manual transmission costs $29k for the Mazda 3

  17. IMO, if it’s not AWD, it’s not a Crossover/SUV.

  18. Based on other reviews of the CX-30, it sounds like these guys never actually drove one.

  19. Mazda, the most awarded brand of any automaker !

  20. FUEL consumption? cx30 got some M hybrid stuff .. whats that all about

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