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Best And Worst Car Brands | Consumer Reports 1

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Which car brands make the best vehicles? We ranked 32 brands, using Consumer Reports’ testing data, safety information and reliability and owner satisfaction data from CR members.

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38 Comments on "Best and Worst Car Brands | Consumer Reports"

  1. Subaru outranking Toyota? BMW at number one outscoring Lexus? 🤔

    • He’s high on glue

    • It’s not just reliability. BMW scores well on their driving reviews overall and that pushed them over Lexus. Lexus might be reliable but they haven’t had very good driving reviews.

    • Folks want cars they don’t dread hoping into in the morning, this should not be shocking

  2. I always LOVED my Subaru vehicles! Only reason why I went to Hyundai is that my lifestyle changed and I no longer need to pay $$$ for AWD. But I may look at Crosstrek in the future if they make their interior and infotainment less boring.

    • I also went from Subaru to Hyundai, but because I wanted a hybrid mid-size SUV

    • I only ever owned Subarus. They are reliable if you service them at correct intervals. Some repairs can be pricey after ~100k miles. But once done, car keeps going. Subarus are good if you willing to fork over the cash whenever maintenance needs to be done, they’re not so good if you try to cut corners.

  3. BMW is a great brand. And like all luxury car manufacturers, I don’t recommend ownership without the factory warranty in place.

  4. I love CR and I’m a paying member for years, but Mini and BMW on top 3 is beyond laughable.

  5. Amazing people assume BMW can’t improve. They did, they earned the #1 spot. I’ve owned cars from 10 different brands, but my last 5 have been BMWs and they’ve all been great. If there’s any issues it’s always minor. Now my 2021 Jeep Wrangler, I have to run a list every time I go to a dealer on fixes but that’s Jeep life.

    • But do tell us how BMWs do after the warranty expires??

    • DJ Pleasure Seeking Missle | February 21, 2023 at 4:16 PM |

      Your last 5? You must lease them then. Buy a Bmw and own it for 10-15 years then get back to us. Stop bullshitting.

    • @pepeshopping The new BMWs with the B48 and B58 engines are so reliable that Toyota uses that engine in their own Supra. BMW gets a bad reputation because it attracts the kind of buyers that lease the car, beat it around “because i wont own it in 3 years”, and use regular fuel despite requiring premium. Then pass it on to the next BMW buyer looking for a discounted BMW, a buyer who was already not in a financial position to buy a new car, much less spend the money for preventative maintenance. So yeah, modern BMWs are actually quite reliable, they’ve really upped their game.

    • tokyo2020olympics | February 22, 2023 at 9:00 AM |

      Toyota did not choose to work with BMW because of a reliable engine lol

  6. I think there should be a distinction between car owners and renters and long-term ownership satisfaction. I highly doubt BMW and Mini would be anywhere near the top of the list after the warranty expires and those routines maintenance items like oil changes command several hundreds of dollars.

    • damnjustassignmeone | February 21, 2023 at 4:05 PM |

      Completely agree. The way CR judges reliability is nuts.

    • @damnjustassignmeone that’s why I subscribe to CR so I can review the reliability data and road tests and make up my own mind. I review the data and decide what matters to me.

  7. Right Lane Hog | February 21, 2023 at 1:27 PM |

    Is anyone else having horrible flashbacks to the time CR ranked the VW Passat as the top mid-size car? 😱😱

    • Was that the early 1990s? I think I remember that.

    • CR recently lampooned themselves on an episode of talking cars podcast. They went over a list of cars that they had recommended in the past that they wished they hadn’t.

  8. I agree with all of these so far, also where is Toyota when you need it?

  9. Having owned several new and older BMW cars, in my experience, BMW’s can be reliable IF they receive regular maintenance. The real disappointment are BMW Dealers who seem to be consistently arrogant, poorly trained and ridiculously expensive. If you like BMWs, find a qualified Independent shop that you can trust and always do the maintenance.

    • Subaru dealers also tend to upcharge maintenance, usually double a comparable Toyota or Kia dealer repair

  10. Shiroman Singh | February 21, 2023 at 2:11 PM |

    I’ve owned a 3 series for a year now and have had zero mechanical issues. BMW used to have a bad reputation for reliability but that’s all changed now

  11. I find Land Rover, Jeep and Jaguar at the bottom of the list normal but I did not expect BMW and Mini to make it to the top three. Very impressive!!! Now what about long-term reliability?

  12. BMW scores high in reliability?! This is the joke of the year! This is a fast unsubscibe decision

  13. damnjustassignmeone | February 21, 2023 at 4:08 PM |

    CR’s methodology for determining reliability is nuts. If a model came out a year ago, they assume excellent reliability bc they only have one year of data. So it gives an advantage to automakers that have model redesigns more often. That’s why Toyota doesn’t take the top spot.

  14. Harold Beauchamp | February 21, 2023 at 6:31 PM |

    Subaru number 2 😂! Mechanic’s everywhere are laughing at this. Garbage cvt’s, oil consumption, dead batteries, cracked windshield. Subaru is usually on the middle or bottom of any mechanics list of vehicles. The top three are Toyota, Honda, and Mazda in that order. Give me a break Consumer Reports, you are clearly a product of bias and ignorance.

  15. I hope this does not make BMW drivers even more obnoxious and dangerous, if that is at all possible.
    Q: What the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?
    A: A porcupine has its pricks on the outside.

  16. Never thought I’d by a BMW (yuppie brand etc).
    However, the i3 REx intrigued me enough to buy a used 2017.
    3 years later & well past warranty at 80k miles, it’s had zero needs other than consumables (just a set of tires and a 12v battery).
    It has saved us $2400 annually in gasoline (but $500 more in electricity).
    Admittedly, I relied on CR’s Good Bet ranking for the i3 a few years back.

  17. Resale values are the best benchmark. You can get a dirt cheap BMW after 5 or 6 years, but you can’t get a dirt cheap japanese car after 5 or 6 years. BMW are not horrible cars, it is just super expensive to fix with parts only available at the dealerships and imported from Germany, while the japanese automakers found a way to make the parts here and available everywhere, it is a different business strategy plain and simple.

  18. BoeingJetJockey | February 22, 2023 at 12:00 AM |

    My BMW, 12 years old, my wife’s Subaru, 3 years old. So far, no issue whatsoever. Very happy with both cars.
    My previous cars was Lexus, also flawless for 13years. A damn good car indeed.
    Before that, my Mercedes, exhaust pipe seems wasn’t welded together from factory, other than that issue, flawless for 12 years.

    I must’ve been a bit lucky coz my friend Merc catches fire by itself, my other friend’s Merc also has engine vibrations issue since day one and mechanics can’t fix it, ever.
    I bought a Merc because my parents W124 was so well built and over engineered. But after that generation, Merc built quality had dropped sharply.

  19. gabe villarreal | February 22, 2023 at 6:52 AM |

    Embarrassing! The fact that you have BMW and BMW owned Mini in the top 3 when they belong in the bottom 3 along with Landrover is a major know on the credibility of CR. I love watching this channel but in my 45 years on this earth I’ve not known one person who has bought a BMW and not had tons and tons of issues over the ownership experience. It’s laughable. They are beautiful cars to look at and drive but reliability has been the biggest synonym that I associate with that brand. Mini is just as bad. Sorry. You lost me there. Along with a whole lot of other very conscious and aware consumers.

  20. being i’m a used bmw owner, i’m shocked they are top of the list. fun to drive but the repairs are expensive and plentiful. granted it’s 19 years old and perhaps, on its last legs.

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