Ford BlueCruise First Impressions | Talking Cars #342

Ford Bluecruise First Impressions | Talking Cars #342 1

This week we discuss BlueCruise technology, Ford’s new hands-free active driver assist feature available on the Mustang Mach-E. We share our experiences with the system— both on our test track and public roads— we’ll talk about how it differs from other systems like GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot. We also debate how useful these systems are and how driver monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring safety behind the wheel. Plus, we answer a question about child seats for a growing family.


0:00 – Ford BlueCruise First Impressions

17:54 – Question: What’s the best car to buy to accommodate a growing family?


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24 Comments on "Ford BlueCruise First Impressions | Talking Cars #342"

  1. Keith, glad to see I wasn’t the only one to instinctively think about “Blue’s Clues” in this segment!

  2. They all sound like it is little different than EyeSight in our Forester. Reduces some stress but I’m still engaged. That seems less stressful than hovering over the wheel and brake because I don’t know how it will behave.

    • Exactly. My 2015 Forester XT had the gen 1 EyeSight and it was great. It provided adaptive cruise and BSM, but you still had to steer and be alert.
      The system in my 2022 X5 45e is a bit too much hands off for me.

  3. GM Super Cruise is sooooo much better and more confidence inspiring

    • As far as how it drives the vehicle, yes. As far as making sure the driver is paying attention but also not accidentally disengaging it, Blue Cruise is a bit better than Super Cruise. But both are pretty impressive first attempts from Ford and GM; I look forward to their continued evolution of these systems.

  4. Can you test a feature called Intelligent Speed Limit Warning and Assist (Hyundai/Kia’s term) or similar systems on other cars? I cannot relax on those boring long stretches of straight highways because I am also needing to monitor the speed limit, which can sometimes change inexplicably.

  5. Agree with jake. Forester is big enough to fit 3 in the back. Otherwise X7.

    • I’m with you, don’t buy a new car now. Don’t even buy a used car now, just make it work if you can. Forester can fit 3 kids in 3 carseats, just have the passenger keep your eye em, it will be fine for a few years. Not everything has to be perfect in the beginning. Invest your money in something that won’t depreciate instantly.

  6. Bill from St. Louis, Listen to Keith from C.R. because he hit the nail on the head with his AWD Sienna recommendation.

  7. 1:21. Yes they are becoming common. Thank you Tesla!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  8. No one should be looking away from the road for 3 seconds at 70mph, period. You travel 308 feet, an entire football field excluding the end zones, in 3 seconds at 70mph (this is in regards to 3 seconds being too short of a time for the warning that you aren’t paying attention to the road argument that was made).

  9. Based on the drivers I see where I am in LA, ALL cars should have notifications to watch the road! When I am in traffic many, a lot of people’s eyes and heads are not engaged with driving at all!

  10. I like that if you start to fall asleep it wakes you up, that’s definitely a big concern with these systems since they reduce the interactions that help keep you awake.

  11. To the guy who wants to upgrade from the Forester, I agree with Jake, keep it for a while. My kids 11, 11 and 6 are just now getting cramped.

  12. I like the advice to the man with the growing family to keep the Forester. But I also love Keith’s recommendation for a minivan if getting a new vehicle is what they really want to do.

  13. There is absolutely zero chance that I’m buying a car which is constantly watching me and telling me to pay attention if any other option is available.

  14. I’m with Keith on being nervous when driving with the active assists on.
    Our 2022 BMW X5 45e is an amazing vehicle, and the “Driver Assistant Professional” package offers near full self, hands free driving capability on the highway, down to 0mph, but I’m a nervous wreck when it’s in use in moderate to heavy traffic. I’ve found my sanity to be at more manageable levels when the mode is set one notch lower, to where it provides adaptive cruise and LKA, but I must keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road.

  15. I think Tesla with all their BS about “full self driving “ has polluted the minds of the driving public. I like adaptive cruise control just as much as anyone else, but as a car guy I actually enjoy driving. I commute on the highway for work quite a bit and the thought of drivers out there thinking that the car can drive itself and be a bit unsettling.

  16. I agree with Jake and disagree with Bill’s premise. He already has a vehicle that can easily accommodate three kids in the backseat. I think Bill is just trying to rationalize his desire to get a new vehicle.

  17. Interesting and informative show. Thanks!

  18. I like the stop and go in traffic the most (4 year old Genesis G90).

  19. Feel a little silly steering when the lane system is on. Don’t know it’s limits.

  20. If you really need to get a new car I would go with the Toyota mini van, it’s the best option for mid size or big families, I know it’s not cool but it’s very useful and comfortable.

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