How We Tested Tesla’s and Ford’s Driver Monitoring Systems

How We Tested Tesla'S And Ford’s Driver Monitoring Systems 1

Tesla’s system fails to keep a driver's attention on the road. Ford's system issues an alert when the driver's eyes are diverted.

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  1. I don’t know any other automotive podcast that talks about Tesla more than Consumer Reports. I guess there’s a process for any journalist who wants to get statements from Tesla because, I’ve noticed they don’t talk to Consumer Reports.

  2. Why not develop app disabled phones while driving? Only function working bluetooth phone calls

  3. I had absolutely the opposite experience. I was driving my 2018 Tesla Model 3 on FSD/Autopilot, hand on the wheel, staring straight ahead, and it kept booping at me with a message like “Pay attention” on the screen. I think it was because of sun glare and/or my glasses and/or my hat that the camera couldn’t see me. It happened multiple times on that drive and gave me a temporary ban from enabling Autopilot.

  4. What version of the tesla software did this test car have? My tesla will not allow the FSD beta option when i have my cabin camera blocked

    • 0:16 10.8.1
      I think this is testing Autopilot though. Both systems are ostensibly “hands on” so it doesn’t make sense why you’d do driver monitoring for one but not the other given the hardware is already there

  5. Just mad how much they insist on the surveillance of the driver, a good review of CR = no buy for me, all thos systems are just pain in the A…

  6. Just waiting for Tesla fans to have a melt down because someone suggested the sacred car company isn’t that good. 😏

  7. Thank you this evaluation!

  8. Technically the computers are safer drivers than the humans they’ll be replacing. We need camera monitoring for ALL cars, both self-driving and non self-driving; Think of how many crashes could be avoided

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