Volkswagen ID.4 Test Results | Talking Cars #341

Volkswagen Id.4 Test Results | Talking Cars #341 1

On this episode, we share our test results of the all-electric Volkswagen ID.4. Find out how this all-new EV stacks up against competing models from Tesla and why we think the ID.4’s redesigned controls have more flash than function. We also answer an audience question on regenerative braking and how it works on the ID.4.


0:00 – Volkswagen ID.4 Test results

12:46 – Question: How does regenerative braking work on the VW ID.4?


Volkswagen ID4:

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27 Comments on "Volkswagen ID.4 Test Results | Talking Cars #341"

  1. Come on. Comparing the range of the id.4 to the Tesla Y is kind of ridiculous, especially when one considers the HUGE price difference between the two vehicles. The id.4 also still qualifies for many more tax incentives that the Y does not.

  2. The Model Y is not a competitor. It costs a lot more.

  3. Love the content from these podcasts! I just wish they were longer like previous episodes with more questions and car news.

  4. I test drove an ID.4 home back in August so my wife could see it. She’s 5 feet tall and heavyset and was unable to reach the pedals without the steering wheel digging into her stomach. I gave up on PHEV and pure electric due to no inventory and wound up buying a Toyota Venza Hybrid. My wife can drive that just fine, and I like all the tech on the limited package.

    I was OK with the way the ID.4 drove, but the interior was underwhelming. They withheld too many features that are being saved for the Audi version.

  5. I guess I don’t understand why 240 miles for ~$45k is “disappointing” when the Model Y is $15k more expensive

    • Because all EV range values are still disappointing. Until the range approximates ICE cars and the recharge time approximates filling a gas tank, EVs will be disappointing. Generally, new products are better than prior products in all aspects. Unfortunately, that isn’t true with EVs. They are better in some ways, but much worse in others, which is why adoption is still fairly slow.

    • I agree, the Model Y was originally available as RWD with a standard range of 244 miles for about $40K (which would be comparable to the VW ID.4). However, Tesla no longer offers that package; the cheapest version Model Y is now the long range AWD starting at about $55K. Very few people will be cross shopping an ID.4 with a Model Y. Due to the federal tax credit situation, the VW can be over $20K cheaper (but if someone can afford a Model Y I think that it is a no brainer to pick the Tesla).

    • The ever increasing model Y price premium is primarily because Tesla demand is so high – not that it is in a completely different class. When Sandy Munro took apart the ID.4 he identified many areas where opportunity was lost to make a better car and to eliminate waste and cost. Waste was one of the reasons why Volkswagen didn’t have enough room left to have a front trunk. Still, at least VW has taken the transition to EVs more seriously than most and should be well positioned to compete going forward.

    • Depends on one’s overall perceived value of the difference. Personally I want to see close to a 1000 mile range and/or a charger at every gas station. Mostly for battery degradation over 10+ years.

    • Compared to the IONIQ 5 for the same price, yeah, it’s disappointing.

  6. Looking forward to your ionic5 review. Hope its a good one. Can they not update the software? After purchase I meant.

  7. Anytime a manufacturer ditches the physical volume knob, I immediately know they’re going in the wrong direction. Haptic controls are terrible.

  8. Jake’s audio quality is top notch. Kudos to him. 👍

  9. I hope VW can make a nice EV microbus, but I hope they put simple easy to use controls into it.

  10. How can you really compare this to the MUCH more expensive model Y? They are not direct competitors.

  11. I love the shifter, same style works perfectly in my i3. It annoys me when modern vehicles needlessly use space on the center console.

  12. There is a shortcut for the seatheaters on ID4. Press the cold&hot capacitive buttons at the same time with your two fingers and your seat heaters will be on.

    Defrost is way simple with voice control or thru the climate button.

  13. It sounds like the ID4 was a rush job, hence the alarming answers to the technical questions. No wonder the brakes feel so weird if it’s all on the back wheels! Jake’s comments about ABS helps VW save face but fundamentally we can see how poorly engineered this car was.

  14. When you call a vehicle that has a consumer cost 50% lower than a Model Y you are losing half of the audience, regardless of how spot on and accurate the rest of your review and commentary is.

  15. Keith has the best rant in all of automotive media history about a missing volume knob (TS 8:15) . And he is absolutely right about “Different” being dumb in many ways in this vehicle.

  16. The new VW controls have been universally panned in all the reviews I have seen or read. Hopefully VW are scrambling to fix the problem.

  17. This car it’s amazing for me. The ID.4 was the top choice for me. I drove a Tesla Model Y and was not impressed.

  18. Model Y is not a “direct” competitor. Look at the price difference even before incentives. I think the RAV4 Prime or Ionic 5 is a better comparison to the ID.4. BTW there is a short cut to seat heater controls but you do have to read the manual. Apparently no one does that anymore.

  19. ID4 and Model Y are not direct competitors! There is a huge price difference.

  20. Subaru Solterra coming this year has a range of 250 miles, only 10 miles more than the VW. That is not a reason to complain about the range. It is the range of many EV AWD cars except Tesla right now – which the Model Y costs $55,000 starting price. This car, starts at $40,000 and a after the tax credit is $33,000. So a $22,000 difference right now and yet CR wants to compare it to the Tesla. With this logic you can compare a Subaru Legacy to a BMW 3 series – because the price difference there is about the same.

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