2022 Honda Civic; Which Cars of Today Will Be Future Classics? | Talking Cars #312

2022 Honda Civic; Which Cars Of Today Will Be Future Classics? | Talking Cars #312 1

On this week's episode, we talk about the redesigned 2022 Honda Civic, and share our first impressions on its driving characteristics, styling, and comfort. Ford has announced an all-new small pickup, the Maverick, and we discuss how it might fit into a market dominated by oversized vehicles. We also give a glimpse into our headlight testing at the track, and how halogen lights compare to LEDs. Other topics include why a truck's hood height can pose a risk to pedestrians and drivers of smaller cars; proper oil change intervals for short commutes; whether a new car that sat on a dealer's lot for months may have a risk of 'lot rot;' if turning off the A/C in a car saves gas; and our experts predict which modern cars will become classics in the future.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:34 – CR’s Headlight Testing
03:27 – Hidden Danger of BIG Trucks
07:27 – 2022 Ford Maverick Preview
12:32 – 2022 Honda Civic First Impressions
18:12 – Modern Classics
26:50 – Question #1: What are the proper oil change intervals for short commute vehicles?
29:27 – Question #2: Could a new car that sat on a dealer’s lot for months experience ‘lot rot?’
33:13 – Question #3: Why are battery powered cars called electric vehicles?
36:13 – Question #4: Does turning off the AC in a car save fuel?

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11 Comments on "2022 Honda Civic; Which Cars of Today Will Be Future Classics? | Talking Cars #312"

  1. Any car rwd, manual, with a v8

  2. A lifted F series truck almost ran me over wheb crossing the street. Im 6’q and he still couldn’t see me. I had to scream at him and jump out of his way before he noticed. I’m so glad I wasn’t crossing with my toddler. That thought got me so mad.

  3. I got $5,500 off on a new Basque red 2016 Honda Accord EX-L that sat on dealer lot for 7 months. Still had only 4 miles on it.

  4. It’s time they forced the hipster To take a bath and shave.

  5. I had a 2003 S-10 pickup, basic work truck with economical 4-cyl, manual trans, 2-door, 6 ft bed, vinyl floor and seats, AC, PS, PB, and a radio. Years ago the Ford made a Ranger that was equivalent to it. Nobody makes anything like it today, and nothing on the horizon. Even the new Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz are only available with a crew cab and a much shorter bed, making the bed almost useless. The starting prices are supposed to be $21k, but I would be very surprised to find a Maverick on a dealer’s lot with an MSRP less than $30k. SMFH.

  6. The Toyota FJ is already classic

  7. It feels like an Audi from a couple years ago because it costs as much as an Audi from a couple years ago! Well put together its $38000 God dam it! For a Honda Civic!

  8. VW completely missed the boat on the vanlife/camping craze. They floated the Microbus concept for years and Canoo has come along and done a better version of it.
    Instead, VW brings out the mediocre, overweight and underwhelming ID3…

  9. Chevy SS, yes good call. In the same vein, maybe the Bob Lutz era Pontiac GTO.

  10. Today’s cars going to be a classic decades from now? Seriously? You’re kidding, right? That has the same answer as the question which of today’s music is going to be a classic 50 years from now? None! And you say a future classic car has to be built in limited numbers? So, was a 57 Chevy, the ultimate classic car at most car cruise shows today, built in limited numbers? Of course not. And my dad had a Chevy SS you mentioned and I was very disappointed when I drove it. It’s Corvette engine was detuned, and with the car’s behemoth weight and large turning radius due to wide tires, it wasn’t a muscle car compared to any of the 60’s muscle cars, and it wasn’t responsive in corners.

  11. I think he meant $28,000

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