Chevrolet Corvette Goes Electric | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #357

Chevrolet Corvette Goes Electric | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #357 1

This week we talk about Chevrolet's announcement of an electrified, all-wheel-drive Corvette. We cover Corvette history, the evolution of car enthusiast culture and the future of powerful supercars that are entering the EV space. We also answer an audience question that asks how automated and electrified vehicles will affect the traditional driving experience as we know it.

0:25 – Ford Lightning Announcement

0:43 – Electrified Chevrolet Corvette Announcement

7:30 – Question #1: With the advent of full autonomous vehicles, will there still be space for car enthusiasts who enjoy vehicles with traditional ICEs?

Chevrolet Corvette to Go Hybrid and Eventually Electric:

Chevrolet Corvette:

Ford F-150 Lightning:

Hot, New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon:

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10 Comments on "Chevrolet Corvette Goes Electric | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #357"

  1. Unless it performs like a McLaren P1 …nope

  2. crazy how everyone kind of poopoos on the NSX at the time, now your seeing a hybrid corvette being worked on.I really was expecting GM to go this way much later on with the corvette, like next gen possibly. They sure are moving quick, as if mid engine wasnt a big enough leap.

  3. Yes Corvette electric SUV!

  4. I’m finally getting my new drive battery for my Bolt EV

  5. I have gone for a few years to the Car Shows at the Henry Ford in Dearborn. Seeing such a vast array of classic cars I have hard time they are going away. Which is great

  6. Looking forward to my Corvette electric SUV. !!

  7. To Keith Barry point about a fun sports car that challenges us a bit but not overkill; how about a Mazda Miata or Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ? Higher up the food chain would be a slightly older Porsche Carrera 2S – 997 with manual shifter.

  8. Great episode. When asked “Which of today’s vehicles will be future classics?,” Jen said none (if I recall correctly) because the electronics will not be available. We see this happening with the Tesla Roadster. Autonomous vehicles will become even more of an appliance. Nobody will remember the last pod they rode in.

  9. What could possibly go wrong? 🙂

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