2019 Audi E-Tron First Impressions; Lee Iacocca Automotive Career Highlights | Talking Cars #211

2019 Audi E-Tron First Impressions; Lee Iacocca Automotive Career Highlights | Talking Cars #211 1

This week our team shares their first impressions on the 2019 Audi E-Tron, the German automaker's first electric vehicle, and discusses how it compares to other luxury EVs. We also talk about the passing of Lee Iacocca, a legendary automotive executive, and share some of the highlights (and lowlights) from his time in the automotive industry. We end the episode with audience questions, touching on topics like the availability of car parts when a vehicle is discontinued, whether or not headlights should be more regulated, and a good compact SUV for senior citizens.


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00:32 – Lee Iacocca Highlights

09:37 – 2019 Audi A8 First Impressions

18:29 – Question #1: What happens to availability of car parts when a vehicle is discontinued

20:32 – Question #2: Why aren’t headlights more heavily regulated?

26:39 – Question #3: What is a good car for senior citizens?


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20 Comments on "2019 Audi E-Tron First Impressions; Lee Iacocca Automotive Career Highlights | Talking Cars #211"

  1. Orlando is 240 miles from Miami, the Audi will not sell very well here. I have met Tesla owners who bought the extra large battery so they could make the trip on one charge.

  2. Can’t believe I agree with CR on the shifter. But that’s not a good design on E Tron

  3. I think the objection regarding the insufficient​ autonomy of the Audi eTron for road trips as a family car is overstated. With kids, you have to make frequent stops, otherwise you’ll go crazy. The stops might not be long enough to top off the battery but, will be sufficient to provide you with additional autonomy untill a longer stop. Unless the kids are sleeping in the back and you intend to maximize the mileage during that time.

  4. When it comes to the headlights, part of the problem is aim from the factory. For cars with bi-function LEDs/HIDs(High and low-beams are in one projector), if the low beam score is lower but the high beams are good, then it’s not a problem of brightness, but that the low beams are aimed incorrectly. Otherwise the low and high beams would both suck since they are in the same projector.

  5. What is wrong with manufacturers that they can’t design great headlights? Seriously, how can it be so hard? I am shopping for a largish CUV and some of them can’t get an IIHS “Good” rating. I won’t buy a vehicle *without* that “good” rating plus your (Consumer Reports) recommended rating plus your reliability rating of at least 3/5 but preferably 4-5/5.

  6. It was commented that an EV can be seen as a “2nd car”…. I think you’ve got it wrong. It will be the family’s “1st” car. The go-to car in 95% of the driving a car will do. The other car in the family will be seen as the “2nd car”. I guarantee it!

  7. While I love the idea of buying an EV, I think I will have to wait another 3 or 4 years and get a used Modal Y or electric SUV. The price to entry is too high for me at the moment. i think the used market will be a great place for a lot of people who are curious about electric cars to start by then.

  8. The Q5, X3, and GLC are way above the “near luxury” choices like the CX-5.
    I’m surprised no one mentioned the RDX.

  9. Audi ETron, $80,000 and 204 miles of range is a non-starter. Also, why can’t we take advantage of EV packaging, why do we need a fake radiator grille on a car with no radiator or a large under hood area for a car with no engine.

  10. Three people talking is chaotic.

  11. When asked about luxury compact SUV’s, why didn’t you mention the BMW X3? It’s rated #1 in your ratings and is superior to the Audi Q5 head to head, particularly with a lot of options at the same price point (see CR video comparison). When comparison shopping a loaded X3 to the Audi Q5, the X3 won out for us and it has fantastic safety and technology features. We have had our 2019 X3 for almost a year and have loved it!

  12. Jon, how can you think the CR-V is a good recommendation with the oil gas dilution problem coupled with a turbo 1.5 liter engine that will spin itself to death. Honda, despite having a “fix” for the gas in the oil issue, doesn’t really know what the problem stems from. I have heard from people that have had the issue, gotten the fix with replaced engine parts and software update and the issue still persists. Please take it seriously. This engine should not be in the CR-V until someone can figure it out. There are two plants that make the car. Maybe it’s an assembly issue in one plant or the specs are not correct for the engine. I really wish Honda would offer the standard non turbo engine as an option on all trim levels. I have had 6 Honda vehicles, the last four of them CR-V’s and don’t plan on buying another. I’m going to wait for Toyota to refine the RAV4 transmission and fix the noise level in the next one or two years and get one of those. I will miss Honda, but they brought this on themselves.

  13. The e-Tron will NOT give a Tesla Model X competition. Someone considering an EV will understand that the e-Tron is horribly inefficient and has little to no redeeming features over a Model X’s features. The only advantages it has is a more conventional luxurious feel and an Audi badge. It’s sad to hear these reviewers not have a clue about what an EV is and what it represents. They aren’t placing themselves in the position of an EV consumer, which is supposed to be what CR represents.

  14. It was possible for Lee Iacocca to become a corporate star because in those days blue collar jobs and blue collar industries received a lot more respect. In the 50s, 60s, and 70s the idea of willfully exporting the nation’s manufacturing sector would have been considered treasonous. In that context a person like Iacocca fighting to save industry would quite naturally be seen as heroic. R.I.P. Lee

  15. If you buy this instead of a Tesla you’ll regret it. In a year the Tesla you buy today will be able to drive itself.

  16. “compromised cabin..bizarre controls” What the??

  17. LOL how long has audi been making electric cars? how long has tesla been making electirc cars? History counts for nothing when it making an EV. I cant believe the guy swept range under the rug

  18. In the 70s quality was shockingly awful. I had a Pinto and a top-line LTD and the interior plastics in both had pale streaks in them where the pigment was not uniformly blended. Plus, they rusted away in 75,000 miles.

  19. This whole review smell “PAID”. What do you mean”elegant pull away acceleration”, slow is slow, fast is fast. The most expensive acceleration is the fast acceleration. I’m pretty sure you can find more “elegant pull away acceleration” in a honda fit…..

  20. If the E-tron had 250 miles of range and cost 60k along with being readily available. More than 50% of Audi customers would pick it over the Q5. Audi knows this. That is the same reason they limit the acceleration of the Etron. Audi would make nothing on a 60k E-Tron. Audi most likely makes over 10k net on every well-equiped Q5 they sell. Audi would rather sell 40,000 e-trons would wide at a small profit than lose money on 200,000.

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