2023 Genesis GV60 EV | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #360

2023 Genesis Gv60 Ev | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #360 1

This week, we give our first impressions of the all-new GV60, the first fully-electric vehicle from Genesis. We discuss styling, driving dynamics, and interior storage– and compare the GV60 to the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 which are built on the same platform. We also answer an audience question about the legality of driving with fog lights in everyday situations.

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00:00 – Intro
00:16 – First Impressions: 2023 Genesis GV60
14:30 – Question: Is there any danger or law against driving with fog lights on during clear weather?

Preview: Electric 2023 Genesis GV60 Charges to Production

2023 Genesis GV60

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Guide to Car Safety

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27 Comments on "2023 Genesis GV60 EV | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #360"

  1. So many options to choose from on the EV market, better for us consumers; good looking car 👏🏻👏🏻, great review 🥳

  2. The pricing was just released and it starts at 59980 while the performance is 68980

  3. In the 80s my dad taught me to turn on the lights before setting into motion. In the 90s I drove a delivery truck for a massive company & we were told to always turn on the lights. The philosophy was anything you can do to increase your visibility to other drivers is a plus.
    I’ve been running my fog lamps, whenever my headlights are on, for 9 years (on a 17 year old car) without changing a bulb. I don’t drive much though.

    • I agree with the being visible mantra, but I don’t think fog lights add much if you also have your headlights on. Most modern LED DRLs are really plenty bright enough for visibility

  4. I need to order one. I’m on the waiting list. Probably 12 to 18 months in Canada

  5. The regen is the best feature in these cars. There is also Auto regen that changes it according to navigation, terrain and the cars in front of you.

  6. Love the look of the GV60 and the Koreans are “knocking it out of the park!” And a Tuesday release instead of Friday? Do we get another one on Friday? LOL! Great job as always.

  7. Funny how lower taillights dont align between ones on body and ones on moving trunk at 0:27

  8. I can’t believe people are still zonking the shifter controls on the Ioniq 5 being behind the steering wheel. Have any of you been inside a Class 8 truck? The majority of all Class 8 trucks have the shifters behind the steering wheel. If you not sure what mode the car is in, look at the instrument cluster. SMH @ Consumer Report issue.

    • They are following the lead of Mercedes. My 2015 Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive (Yes, it’s a compliance car.) has the shifter opposite the turn signal (and frustratingly so, the cruise control lever.) I also have paddles for regen, and a regen setting that uses radar to automatically set regen when in traffic.

  9. Are the ‘fog’ lights today really fog lights? My understanding from many years ago, was that the idea of fog lights was to light up below the fog, rather than using your headlights, which would just reflect back from the fog. The old fog lights also used to be orange in colour, to also reduce that bright, white reflection. It’s also about time that rear lights were made part of the DRL package, legislated, if necessary.

    • I don’t like the idea of rear lights on during the day unless mfgs do a better job distinguishing them from the rear lights that illuminate when braking

  10. I have a 2019 Genesis G70 – Genesis’ first car – which I love. I’m thinking of switching to one of these in the next year or two. My concern looking at the car is that it sure looks like rear visibility will be bad.

  11. No mention of KIA and Hyundai dealers ADM, marking up the 5 and EV6 way beyond MSRP, by thousands of dollars? These cars are not that good.
    No mention of their ICE vehicles catching on fire?

  12. In a test this car only goes 240 miles – about the same range as a Subaru Soltera. Save your money if you need a car with limited range, and get one that goes off road to some degree. I don’t understand how a car with such limited range can get anyone so excited. The Daytime Running Light explanation from Jake was really interesting – I always wondered why they last so long and now I know.

  13. Fog lights should not be used in clear weather, no matter how cool you think they look. A lot of people (myself included) find them annoying as heck when the weather is clear, regardless of time of day.

    There is a reason they are called fog lights.

    • I believe it’s actually illegal in some states to run fog lights or high beams unless conditions warrant it and there is no oncoming traffic

  14. Genesis-Hundai-Kia are rocking EVs! We are on the verge of a renaissance in design. The same “skateboard” can support an infinite number of designs. It will be super cool when customizers can order a “crate” skateboard and design the “top hat.” Hope the regulators certify the skateboards and not required separate certifications for each top-hat.

  15. on the headlight discussion, Audi, Porsche and Volvo all have Active matrix headlights, that only need software update to make them work in the USA on their most current EV models. I almost took delivery of the C40 Volvo all electric with their Pixel (their name for active matrix) headlights. I think Tesla also has them but you likely will have to wait a e-on before they update the models that have that hardware

  16. The fog light problem is that the cheap ones do not have a sharp upper beam cutoff and even those that do, are often mis-aimed and shine into the faces of oncoming drivers after dark. If they are aimed correctly, they should not be a problem.

  17. Great show you guys! Thanks for including the video. Kinda weird seeing myself on screen

  18. The Koreans are taking the EV move seriously. Hyundai is launching the Ioniq into its own standalone EV exclusive brand. While Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis will slowly transition into EV. There’s a new Korean brand called Edison Motors who recently showed a concept truck called the EFT. Korea seems to be wanting to lead the EV move with affordable vehicles.

  19. Thank you so much. It is a very beautiful car. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Seeing several new videos on this car this week on YouTube… getting the impression they may drop in N.American market real soon.

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