Seven Least Satisfying Cars | Consumer Reports

Seven Least Satisfying Cars | Consumer Reports 1

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19 Comments on "Seven Least Satisfying Cars | Consumer Reports"

  1. Wow, no Ford, Chrysler/Dodge or GM product….the times they are a changing!

    • It’s missing one criteria to anylize answers.
      It does depend on loyalty to brand… If you ask Russian how’s his live with no toilet inside his house… His answer “why would I sht inside my house”…. 🤷🤦‍♀️

    • Herbert Johnson | January 10, 2023 at 11:55 AM |

      They would’ve had to stretch this out to an hour.

    • Satisfaction is relative to expectations; for example, owners of the Mercedes vehicles on that list probably had a high expectation of quality/driving enjoyment/luxury that those vehicles didn’t live up to, hence the low satisfaction ratings. Owners of a Chrysler, on the other hand, have much lower expectations, so their satisfaction with the vehicle ends up being higher.

    • Not really. People who buy Fords and Jeeps love their cars despite how many problems they have. Nissans, not so much.

    • @victreebel Ford and Jeep both make some pretty cool vehicles. Now jeep has some real turds to go along with them, basically anything not a Wrangler or Grand Cherokee.

  2. So basically, mostly rental fleet vehicles.

    • Well rental companies buy cars they get a good price on. Its kind of a sign that a car isn’t selling well.

  3. Brutal. Where’s the Rav4?

  4. in summary: Don’t buy Nissans , sub compact SUVs , and VW Atlas

    • Nissan has an upcoming Xterra body on Frame SUV coming out. I think it might end up being desirable. The new Titan also looks pretty awesome and I wouldn’t hate the new Z if someone gave me one. But yeah, all of their sedans and crossovers seem pretty meh.

  5. Right Lane Hog | January 10, 2023 at 11:57 AM |

    May they all hang their heads in shame!

  6. Not surprised about Nissan Altima — we leased one back in 2017 and returned it after 30 days (and paid a hefty termination fee). Those “space ship design” seats were so uncomfortable, my partner had to have injections in his spine to correct the pain he was having from sitting in that car. Also, not surprised about VW and MB. My father-in-law once had a $100,000 Mercedes and every other month, it was in the shop for another electronic issue. A co-worker had a VW and sold it after 1 year.

  7. Robert Schneider | January 10, 2023 at 12:19 PM |

    I really like my 2021 Altima. Very roomy, comfortable seats, good acceleration, and averaging 32 MPG. Usually get between 450-500 miles per tank.

  8. I like my 2020 Hybrid Escape getting 39 mpg. Most sub-compact cars should not have a center console taking up valuable seating space, that is what I would prefer on my Escape.

  9. I wonder what is so wrong with the Atlas Sport.

  10. Brutal…

  11. Smaller Euro SUV’s are built to compete on price. However, buyers see a MB badge and expect a better than a Chevy product. These buyers think they are being slick with paying below market price to get a top tier product in terms of comfort, luxury, ride quality.

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