2023 Honda HR-V | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #373

2023 Honda Hr-V | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #373 1

This week we share our first impressions of the 2023 Honda HR-V. We discuss how the HR-V improved over the first generation model and why it feels more robust in comparison to competing small SUVs. Plus, we answer an audience question that compares an all-wheel drive Mazda 3 to the new Acura Integra.


0:00-10:39: 2023 Honda HR-V

10:39-18:08: Question: Which would you choose; the Mazda 3 AWD or the new Acura Integra?


Redesigned 2023 Honda HR-V Grows in Size and Sophistication:

2022 Mazda 3:

2023 Acura Integra Tries to Recapture ‘80s and ‘90s Magic With Help of Civic Si:

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23 Comments on "2023 Honda HR-V | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #373"

  1. Ryan’s bad (no, terrible) sound makes good video look bad. (Another microphone input selection failure/error?) Please always make a test recording and check it before start your presentations.

  2. Love the new HR-V.

  3. Team CR, How is this possible? Honda got so many things right with the new HR-V like decent handling and ride quality through an upgraded (IRS) as well as maintaining exceptional space efficiency. Then they completely blew the powertrain with the 2.0 CVT combination that manages to be under-powered and inefficient 🤨 On the subject of Independent Rear Suspension, I hope Mazda subscribes to your channel 😉

  4. i can get a rav4 for that msrp. honda’s pricing is out of control on the new models they have been releasing

  5. Unloved? Not sure about that.

  6. mazada 3 is extremely tight and cluster phobic and somewhat loud. mazada 3 sounds really good on paper but test drive it first.

  7. Tthe front is like its a ford product…….the UK version is more beautiful

  8. Does the Acura Integra have the same 1.5 turbo engine that CR reported the oil dilution problem with Civic and CR-V?

  9. The Mazda 3 (non turbo) is available with a manual.

  10. He’s a cutie on the right, Alex? 158 HP? My current SUV is well over 400 HP!

  11. Honda did a lot right here, but not offering the 1.5T was a mistake, very slow to 60-you should not offer any less than 180/185 HP with a 3000 lbs plus car

  12. How was the seat comfort? Also, does the lack of rear AC vents affect your decision on the car?

  13. It’s one of the ugly design from Honda

  14. Lol… plain simple, a boring nothing burger car

  15. LOS DESMAYOS DEL FILIP | August 19, 2022 at 5:54 PM |

    Ryan is back 😍😍

  16. Maybe instead of reading out loud crediting who produced and edited the episode you can have it in text under the CR subscribe thing at the end. Of course no biggie to read it aloud but it kinda messes with the ending flow of the episode as we’re not used to hearing it being said. Perhaps we can get more questions in each episode like before. Just some feedback but I appreciate CR!

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