2021 Polestar 2 First Impressions; New Nissan Frontier & Pathfinder | Talking Cars #294

2021 Polestar 2 First Impressions; New Nissan Frontier &Amp; Pathfinder | Talking Cars #294 1

CR recently bought the very first car released by Polestar, the performance brand from parent company Volvo. The Polestar 2 is an all-electric hatchback built to compete with other luxury EVs like the Tesla Model 3 and Audi e-tron, and we share our first impressions on what we found taking it on the open road, as well as our test track. Nissan recently announced a redesigned Frontier pickup truck and Pathfinder SUV, and we ask the big question: what took so long?! Other topics this week include why a dealership might offer you above market value for your used car or leased vehicle, if it's wise to purchase a vehicle that was recently discontinued, a fun-to-drive car that can accommodate two child seats, and if an imported Kei car would make a sensible car for driving around town.


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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – 2022 Nissan Frontier Preview
06:02 – 2021 Polestar 2 First Impressions
14:05 – Question #1: Would it be wise to purchase the recently discontinued Lexus GS 350?
15:45 – Question #2: Why are dealerships offering above market value for used and leased vehicles?
20:12 – Question #3: Which fun-to-drive vehicle can comfortably fit two child seats?
24:06 – Question #4: Is it a good idea to import a 25 year old Kei car from Japan for around town driving?


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23 Comments on "2021 Polestar 2 First Impressions; New Nissan Frontier & Pathfinder | Talking Cars #294"

  1. Pretty sure Keith meant rear wheel drive or FOUR wheel drive on the Frontier. The truck looks great now!

  2. Aww baby is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 0:36 you got an instant like for your special guest, because I’m a big old softy. lol

  4. Kieth’s “Bad sound makes good video look bad.”

  5. Re: Question #2 – Check out YourAutoAdvocate YouTube. They have several videos right now explaining the current Q1 2021 semiconductor shortage problem causing a dealer crisis right now. Short answer is the dealers do know something you don’t.

    Semiconductors are the chips that make the computers in every car. A shortage means that almost every car maker right now is idling their new car production lines. That means that right before we enter the spring high season of high car sales demand, dealers are about to have a shortage of new cars to sell. This means they have to populate their lots with used cars in order to have inventory. This is causing the used car wholesale market to skyrocket week over week (check out blackbook dot com for this data). So it’s actually cheaper for the dealer to “offer” you “up to” 20% over book than it is for them to buy the same car at an inflated auction price.

    Use this information as a negotiating tool. Right now, us “regular” car people actually have the upper hand on dealers when it comes to trading in used cars. It’s a great time to sell your car. It’s about to be a terrible time to buy a new car – cause supply is going to FAR under pace demand.

    CR I’m surprised you’re not aware of this current market situation?

  6. I inherited a base model ’99 Frontier pickup when my dad passed away and drove it until May ’19. The speedometer died in late 2015 along with the odometer and I switched to using my phone for that purpose, so I can say it had at ‘least’ 179k miles on it 😁

  7. Nissan “really, really great redesigns.” Huh? Did I miss something about how Nissan is suddenly a great company? I’m a car guy and never hear anyone talking glowingly about Nissan, let alone stating they have “great redesigns.”

  8. All I know is my kids can’t stop talking about the Volvo Polestar… 😂

  9. Nehemiah is so cute! I had to smile every time he was on camera. And his nickname is cute, too!
    He reminds me of my grandson, who is two now.

  10. Thank you for showing that kids are home with us and part of our working world too.

  11. Back when everyone pulled out of the small truck market.

    Toyota: let’s dominate this segment.

    Nissan: let Toyota have it.

  12. Happy Gen X owner of a Polestar 2 here. You mentioned nothing about build quality or safety standards.

  13. Rogue as a fun to drive car?
    Isn’t a first year model not recommended by CR especially when it’s a Nissan with its dreadful CVT?!
    He should go with something like a Mazda 6.

  14. Came for Polestar and stayed for Mika. Emily needs hands-free to talk 🙂

  15. “Not sure all millennials will like this.” Most millennials are still trying to make ends meet rather than buying a 60,000 car…no?

  16. Will not consider an android powered vehicle since Google doesn’t respect privacy. Would not want my private information shared.

  17. When Emily can stop laughing and start talking sense?

  18. The baby is so cute 🙂

  19. 24:10 Small, fun, unique second car? I’d recommended a used Miata 👍

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