2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Impressions; Redesigned Tesla Model S | Talking Cars #293

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Impressions; Redesigned Tesla Model S | Talking Cars #293 1

This week we discuss the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E all-electric SUV, sharing our first impressions on the driving dynamics, the screen-dominated interior, and if we think it is worthy of the Mustang badge. Tesla recently unveiled big changes to its Model S sedan and Model X SUV, introducing a yoke-style steering wheel, and foregoing turn signal and gear selector stalks in favor of touch capacitive buttons and screen controls. We speculate what these changes will mean for drivers, and touch on other EV-related topics, including maintaining electric vehicle battery health, if electric cars wear out tires faster than a traditional vehicle, and what all this new technology means for auto reliability.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – Redesigned Tesla Model S
07:50 – 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Impressions
21:15 – Question #1: Could EV technology improve overall reliability of cars in the future?
23:39 – Question #2: Do Teslas and other EVs wear out tires more than regular cars?
25:54 – Question #3: What is the proper way of maintaining an electric vehicle’s battery health?


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20 Comments on "2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E First Impressions; Redesigned Tesla Model S | Talking Cars #293"

  1. This is cool. We need to put the motor companies in place. Tesla innovative! And puts car companies to shame.

  2. 9:36 – is the badge already falling apart on a new car?

  3. I’ve started looking forward to these on Friday afternoons after work!

  4. I dunno. Got family with base 2019 leaf and no issues with a range. Has 170 miles and over several years never ran out and only charges on 120v. 200 ish miles of range is perfectly sufficient for a city car. Maybe it is too low in Texas? Can’t comment on that.

  5. It’s the Knight Rider inspired steering wheel.

  6. Nice work guys! Looking forward to a lot more EVs on our roads!

  7. Hey love the show. I notice there’s some dialogue cut out to fit the 30 minute limit. My take, people wouldn’t mind going over. Like if you agree!

  8. Ryan i value what you have to say and share the same concerns.

  9. 210 in cold weather is fine for me my golf tsi gets about 300 somthing on a tank so 210 is wayyyy better than the 80 or so miles evs were getting a few years ago on a good day.

  10. For all of Tesla’s greatness they seem to sometimes change things for no apparent “good” reason.

  11. You guys seem to talk about Tesla every day,

  12. Mach E has a Jag vibe

  13. CR – Ford Engineering has DECADES to go before it can catch TESLA.
    in TESLA Track mode you can vary the Bias of the REAR motor vs the FRONT motor with AWD.
    this make DRIFTING a TESLA possible.

  14. I think the gold standard on 3rd generation electric vehicles should be: 300 mile range and > 150 Kw DC fast charging rate.

  15. Damnit call it SEV!

  16. How much are tax credits? That would give a huge advantage to Ford/GM over Tesla

  17. Thank you! Nice to hear someone say “we will wait to pass judgement after driving the vehicle”

    Others have been condemning a vehicle with something out of the norm as wrong, stupid and unnecessary.

  18. How come the CR experts never comment or respond on this platform?

  19. Where’s Jennifer? We love her!
    Mike M. is looking good 😍

  20. My apartment complex does not offer any electric hookups! Hope they’re still making hybrids!

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