2022 Ford Maverick First Impressions | Talking Cars #345

2022 Ford Maverick First Impressions | Talking Cars #345 1

On this episode, we give our first impressions of the 2022 Ford Maverick. We discuss everything this small pickup has to offer; from styling, functionality, and driving impressions, to the variety of available powertrains. Find out how the Maverick stacks up among competing pickups and why Ford placed QR codes on the truck itself. Plus, we answer an audience question on buying an electric vehicle.

0:00 – 2022 Ford Maverick First Impressions

16:49 – Question: Is it worth trading in two used vehicles for two newer EVs?

Preview: 2022 Ford Maverick Priced Under $20,000 With Standard Hybrid:

6 Things We Love About the New Ford Maverick story by Alex:

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32 Comments on "2022 Ford Maverick First Impressions | Talking Cars #345"

  1. Congrats to Ford for designing a modern interpretation of the Model T. I hope the Maverick does better than the CR Gang’s comments indicate.

  2. Ryan looks like he drives the vehicles with all the windows open. 🤣

  3. If you have 87 octane in it, it will not have 250 HP. It is rated with 93 octane. Car and Driver clocked it from 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds and 14.5 in the quarter mile. Same time as the Santa Cruz in the quarter mile and 1 tenth quicker to 60 mph.

  4. I really like the fact that Ford has designed a fuel efficient pick-up that many more people can afford and it fits into a regular parking space without blocking the doors of adjacent vehicles.

  5. Great show! About the Maverick: I actually like the interior flourishes. Yes, including the “porta potty” door panels and orange accents. I will take those over all black interiors, piano black or fake woods or fake carbon fiber.

    • Exactly, it actually looks really cool for the price point. I’ve sat in the Sante Cruz, and I actually thought the interior was less impressive, at least from a visual standpoint, it was just very bland looking.

    • This just seems like a really harsh review. They’re missing the entire point of this vehicle. Everyone that I know that has picked one up is in love with it so far.

  6. I am very impressed with my Maverick. Plenty of power and awesome MPG. This isn’t a truck replacement it is a car replacement.

  7. It doesn’t right like a Ridgeline because A; Maverick is much smaller. B; it’s much lighter. Interior isn’t luxurious but it durable and functional. And uses recycled ♻️ materials. Me thinks CR is missing the plot of the Maverick. It’s 22K driveaway

    • They haven’t lost the plot, they are just pointing out that there are sacrifices when you buy this truck (just like if you bought a Chevy Spark instead of a Camry). And they paid $29,965 for an XLT AWD model (the cheapest XL with AWD is $24,795).

    • @Stephen Jeffcoat Even that’s fantastic. A pickup with with AWD and a 2L turbo for $25k is ridiculously low. There’re some sacrifices but this is what people have been wanting for a while. Ford was the first to listen and is reaping the benefits. I’m stoked to see the competition it’ll spur.

  8. I’m not a pick-up guy but this Maverick might be tempting. Enjoyed the first impressions episode.

  9. Always love the show! Appreciate your honest takes

  10. Funny enough we have one EV and one Gas in my household, and the EV (2018 Tesla Model 3) is the one we use for trips. The gas car is a 2015 Mazda 6 an when its day comes, it will be getting replaced with an EV as well. As long as you have one EV that has long range or fast charging, you really don’t need to own a car car anymore. And even if you only have two short to medium ranged EVs, you can rent a gas car if you’re only going on a weekend trip! $30 a day or whatever for the car gas rental a couple times a year is way worth it with the thousands of dollar you’ll save commuting not buying car, and don’t forget no oil changes either.

  11. Come on guys it is an economic truck and if you are expecting more from this little truck just buy a 100000.00 truck then you may not have any complaints.

  12. These 3 work so well with each other, good bunch.

  13. This review was surprisingly harsh and petty. EVERYTHING is relative. I just saw a similarly priced review of a TINY drab car that had roll up windows, cheap plastic and 70hp, not a HYBRID, using recycled materials built for functionality, cleanliness and a little bit of playfulness. When every penny counts, I think you 3 would be surprised at the depressing garbage other manufacturers are offering American buyers for around 20k. Kudos Ford.

  14. Interesting that you felt it was a bit low on power; according to Ford the torque is pretty flat from 1500RPM up to 4500RPM. Thank goodness Ford didn’t stick the 1.5lt 3 Cylinder in this truck!

  15. I think Ford set out to make, and did, a modern version of the simple, small pickups available in the 1980’s. The Maverick is built to a price but that’s fine. It felt like they were a little hard on it.

    • I would welcome a return of the simple, small pickup. As a matter of fact, Toyota still makes a single cab Hilux with a manual gearbox bolted to their tried and true 2.7 engine that would fit the bill perfectly. It is entirely possible other companies still make similar pickups. It is my observation that the Maverick has been treated with kid gloves in every other review I have seen. In a few years we will know whether the Maverick was just another in the long line of over-hyped vehicles we have seen over the years or whether it stands the test of time. What is the share value of the PT Cruiser these days?

  16. Years ago I bought a Marantz mini stereo on a glowing review by CR only to get it home to discover that the expensive little thing didn’t pull in stations as well as the $40 clock radio I had.
    I learned from that experience not to put too much trust in what the “experts” at CR have to say.

  17. There are points where you guys are unnecessarily critical on this one. I think the orange accents are pretty neat for instant especially in the console since they are removable and easy to clean. Bed cover are available and the tailgate is lockable , if you need an SUV/CUV then get one.

  18. I’m all for the new hybrid tech, great fuel economy, and affordable price point, but the exterior seriously looks like something from 2005. The Santa Cruz looks WAY better and more futuristic

  19. I had an ’08 Passat that had a similarly odd ignition. Instead of the steering column, there was a slot in the dash you would insert the fob into and then press to start. Presto! Push button start!

  20. Ryan is totally right. For those buying an electric car, the range is going to be an issue for interstate driving – especially on stretches of highways where there is no charging available. This will change eventually but right now interstate driving say from CT to Pittsburgh, it is going to be a pain to charge even one time between the two locations for an hour.

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