Should You Wash Your Chicken?

Should You Wash Your Chicken? 1

Washing chicken is a common practice—but it comes with dangerous health risks 🐓.

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  1. Im washing my chicken who knows if someone dropped it ?

  2. Jacque Pepin said this 20 years ago; haven’t washed a chicken since.

  3. I was always told to cook to 165.

  4. I worry that this is only half educating the masses on how salmonella or any other (harmful) food born bacteria is passed and how it even get’s into the chicken in the first place.

    I see people overly fearful about raw chicken, but they can’t say what they are afraid of, other than they were “taught” that raw chicken can make you sick… which is far from the truth.

  5. Thanks. After watching this I’ll definitely wash my chicken

  6. If you’re scared of getting sick eating chicken, you shouldn’t even be eating chicken.

  7. Mine prefers baths and lavender scented shampoo.

  8. Perfect PSA for your typical OCD CR subscriber.

  9. The chicken has been sitting in blood/liquid in the package. That’s what people wash off. And as far as splashing is concerned, don’t you clean your sink/mop floors/disinfect your counters? If not, you’re one of the people who didn’t wash your hands prior to the pandemic and shouldn’t be in the kitchen to begin with.

    • Myoglobin is the word you’re looking for here. I feel that calling it blood contributes to the fear that people have of raw chicken. *not being remotely defensive or rude here… hard to convey tones online.

  10. I don’t think this tells the whole story of washing any meat. I would place any raw meat in a bowl filled with water and add either salt or vinegar. Let it sit for several minutes and see what rises to the surface.
    Perhaps bacteria is spreading 3 feet because your of your washing technique?

  11. 🙋🏻‍♀️How about soaking it for 20 minutes and washing it with an ozone generator? I heard that washing the chicken like that removes hormones and antibiotics from the chicken.

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