Tips for Buying a Used Car | Consumer Reports

Tips For Buying A Used Car | Consumer Reports 1

There are a lot of things you need to check when shopping for a used car. Consumer Reports’ expert explains how to evaluate a pre-owned vehicle and negotiate with the dealership to get the best possible deal.

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20 Comments on "Tips for Buying a Used Car | Consumer Reports"

  1. lol. Well done, some good info here 👍🏽

  2. David Sant Jordi Coronel | April 27, 2020 at 7:14 AM |

    Okay, probably bad timing releasing this sort of buying process in the middle of a pandemic. You might want to remake this video on how one should purchase a used car online, acting out the same sorts of tactics used over either email or Zoom.

  3. Excellent buying tips; love it!

  4. This is actually good advice. When buying my car the experience was very similar, when we went into the office for paperwork signing, dealer wanted to sell me over $3000 extra in useless warranties and insurance i didn’t need and my normal insurance covers, guy was visibly upset when i declined it all.

  5. Good production value and awesome tips. Keith should be nominated for an award.

  6. Some years ago we were looking hard at a used car my wife really liked. Did the test drive, found some problems which the salesman assured us would be resolved before we took delivery. (It was a late model, near luxury import so for the price they asked it should have been cherry.) We decided to buy so we went back a few days later to do some serious dickering. On the way into the dealership we saw the car sitting where we had left it and with the same issues. Got down to hard numbers with the salesman who said the value he put on our trade in was incorrect so that number went down but the price of the car stayed the same. We counter-offered so off to the manager went the salesman. The wife and I were not first timers and when he came back with marginally better numbers we just said no and walked out. Loved the look on his face when we did that. Never went back, bought her a new car a few months later.

  7. Fabulous – so entertaining and simultaneously informative

  8. I spent close to an hour before with the dealership trying to coerce me into ad-ons. It was like a police interrogation. Never again.

  9. Keith did a great job here, props! 👏🏻

  10. Good small advices, made many mistakes when I got mine.

    Could have saved a lot of money. 😣

  11. Ha ha very funny I love it I’m going to look at a car today I will try some of these tips.🤓 i’m going to tell the dealer I smell coronavirus in the car to get the discount😝🤪

  12. LOL that’s the best video CR has made!

  13. Logged in for the fine acting. Wasn’t disappointed.

  14. Great tips for buying a used car. I would also suggest having the car checked out by an independent trusted professional car mechanic and checking the VIN to determine if there are any records of it being in an accident, flood, etc. before buying.

  15. hilarious, well done

  16. Love this video… good information. Thank you!! Love Keith acting two different roles.

  17. Great advice! But this is why I hate going to dealerships. Maybe CR can consider doing an episode of how to buy online only? A lot of dealerships are offering for pick up on the curb or delivery at home, too. Otherwise, keep up the good info.

  18. A lot of dealerships are adding a fee if you have your own financing.

  19. Keith did great in this video. He’s a good actor.

  20. The last time I went to a dealership the sales guy laughed at my offer which got me really angry. I asked to see the manager and told him to give me another salesperson. The salesperson apologized and then I told him I retract my offer and want the price for $800 less than my last one. After getting up from my seat heading for the door twice they gave it to me for the price in the end.

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