Our Favorite Cars and the Ones That Disappointed Us in 2020 | Talking Cars #288

Our Favorite Cars And The Ones That Disappointed Us In 2020 | Talking Cars #288 1

This week we take time to revisit some of the cars we tested in 2020, and we discuss the ones we most enjoyed driving this year, and the ones that left something to be desired. We also talk about the vehicles and trends we’re interested in seeing in 2021. Autos discussed include the Ford Bronco, Ram 1500 Diesel and TRX, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Nissan Sentra, Porsche Taycan, Volkswagen Passat, Cadillac CT5, Tesla, and Chevrolet Corvette.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:22 – The Best and Worst Cars of 2020
01:33 – Mike Monticello’s Best and Worst Cars
07:37 – Mike Quincy’s Best and Worst Cars
13:08 – Jennifer Stockburger’s Best and Worst Cars
19:10 – Vehicles and trends for 2021


2019 RAM 1500 Quick Drive

2019 Detroit Auto Show: 2020 Volkswagen Passat

2019 New York Auto Show: 2020 Cadillac CT5

First Drive: 2020 Porsche Taycan Is a High-Priced Alternative to the Tesla Model S

2019 LA Auto Show: 2020 Nissan Sentra

2019 Toyota RAV4 Quick Drive

2019 LA Auto Show: 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime

2019 New York Auto Show: 2020 Toyota Highlander

Preview: 2021 Ford Bronco Reinvents a 4×4 Classic

Hot New Electric Cars Are Coming Soon

2019 LA Auto Show: 2020 Ford Mustang Mach-E

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17 Comments on "Our Favorite Cars and the Ones That Disappointed Us in 2020 | Talking Cars #288"

  1. I’m genuinely surprised you gave some American vehicles credit. You’ve earned my respect.

  2. The best practical family cars that were WIDELY available were the new 36 mpg Hybrid Sienna and Highlander. I suppose the Sorento Hybrid would have to get a mention for those who don’t need/want AWD. Drive with a reasonable right foot and all Toyota’s Hybrids are outstanding.

  3. My disappointment with modern vehicles (in general) is too much plastic under the hood. Plastic: oil pans, valve covers, radiator hose clips, alternator pulleys, etc. = planned obsolescence.

  4. Happy New Year!! Mike M getting real during a TC podcast. 🥲

  5. As for EV’s, they will not be sold in volume until the charging infrastructure across the USA is created, rapid charging is common (15-20 minutes) and 200-300+ mile range between charges is common.
    Instead, I think Hybrids will grow and be more popular. I’d consider a hybrid for my next car. I currently drive a 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature and it’s been a great, reliable CUV. I’m very interested in seeing the new CUV to be built in Alabama by Mazda/Toyota. Thanks, for the Talking Cars program.

  6. Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  7. I’ve worked from home for the last ~3 years and I want my next car to be an EV. My hesitation is the lack of infrastructure…

  8. EV’s are a no go. Not near as many people as Jen thinks are worried about “fossil fuels”.

  9. Electric cars HaHa

  10. Great show. I am super disappointed at the Mach-E. It may have a way better fit & finish, compared to a 3 or a Y, but the range/efficiency & weight was not what I expected. Like I’ve said before, the only “Tesla” I will own is the shares.

  11. Mike: Toyota hybrids don’t have actual CVTs, they use fixed ratio planetary gears so they are 1 speed transmissions. Unfortunately, Toyota (and many other hybrids) call these single speed transmissions “eCVTs” which is a stretch for what they actually are. Don’t worry though, just about every Youtuber talking about “eCVTs” will say how much they hate the “rubberbandy” feel of the CVT transmissions as the gears change, even though there is never a change in gear ratio.

  12. Shocking the vehicles they like best are the ones that have the worst reliability. No matter how great the Sentra is, it’s still lipstick on a pig since long-term reliability will prove a nightmare, especially since Nissan is perpetually in financial trouble and therefore inclined to cut costs wherever they can.

  13. How does CR make these factual mistakes? Since when does Toyota’s hybrid systems use a CVT? It is just spinning an electric motor faster, there ain’t a CVT, no belt no pulley… It is called a eCVT so yall don’t get confused as for why there ain’t any stepped gears. Toyota hybrids being loud on throttle is really old news, but who cares because what other consistently proven hybrids actually sip less fuel..?

  14. I’m surprised Jennifer doesn’t like the Toyota SUV hybrids, which means I need to go drive more new cars because they must be really good! I drove a friends 2019 Rav4 Hybrid and liked it a lot but I’m comparing it to my 2010 Volvo S80.

  15. Hey if I’m not commuting or driving a lot of miles….I can feel better about driving a Bronco 4,000 miles a year. I like feeling green and the Mach e would be a better choice if I was still driving 16,000 miles a year.

  16. Wow! I wouldn’t touch any of your picks with a ten foot poll. You should change the title of this podcast to “Coming Soon to a Repair Shop Near You.”

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