2020 Tesla Model Y Test Results | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #287

2020 Tesla Model Y Test Results | Talking Cars With Consumer Reports #287 1

We dedicate this entire episode to sharing our test results of the Tesla Model Y, the all-electric SUV based on the Model 3. We discuss our findings on the Model Y's handling, off-the-line performance, and charging experience compared to other EVs. We also talk about our experience with the Model Y's cargo space compared to the Model 3, overall build quality, and whether it is a reliable vehicle, based on our comprehensive reliability survey of CR members.


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00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – 2020 Tesla Model Y Test Results
12:50 – Tesla Autopilot
18:34 – Question #1: Has the CR Model Y had any common issues with fit and finish, panel alignment, and paint quality?
21:25 – Question #2: Are Uber credits a viable substitute for a loaner when having your Tesla repaired?
23:50 – Question #3: What SUV would be a good substitute for a Model Y, with good ride height, ease of entry, and quiet interior?


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20 Comments on "2020 Tesla Model Y Test Results | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #287"

  1. Yes, I made a wrong calculation on my trip to Phoenix AZ, but I made it to a charging station w/ minus 2% left I was worried but Tesla didn’t leaved me straded. Loved my Model X. Thank you

  2. Merry Christmas! I’ve got a November 2020 build Model Y LR and had to have the mobile tech come out to perform minor appearance alignment on the front doors, which was a seamless experience. No issues with paint, panel alignment, interior trim or hatchback function. Ride will soon be improved (and curb rash potential eliminated) by swapping out the factory 19×9.5 wheels for 18×8.5 wheels. Will match the factory tire width and overall diameter. Can’t get back in a gas grinder and enjoy it after owning this Tesla.

  3. This is a new episode?

  4. When are you going to test the mach e?

  5. Jake is back!!!!

  6. If question was: “did the CR model Y have fit and finish issues?” Why did you answer with whole lot other things? Why not answer the question?

  7. Who said it was called full safe driving? The beta is out. No more than the beta for a few people. You have been using autopilot… Not fsd…

  8. I dunno why but I feel like this car has been selling forever 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. 22:41 that’s the kind of stuff I expect from land rover!

  10. Great video BUT don’t talk about the RAV4 being so good! With the scarce dealership allotments of the vehicle, I’ll be too old to drive, by the time they are available to the general public!

  11. Try the voice controls, you can bring up the mirror menu using voice control. This works for a number of other controls also.

  12. Another old folks who dont know what they are talking about!

  13. Very limited availability of the RAV4 Prime.

  14. This is the Y

  15. Here are three guys that should’ve been among the first to recognize the Tesla advantage. You can tell they know they missed the biggest development in the auto industry in the last 100 years. Great job CR.

  16. Great review guys. I own a 2019 Model 3 LR AWD, and a 2020 Model Y LR AWD. My M3 has FSD, the Y does not. You guys covered a bunch of great stuff. I had minor gap issues, and what looked like stained headliners, as well as issues with my window regulator. All were fixed by TESLA in my driveway and the car has performed very well. I would disagree with you guys that it reminds you of a Boxster! Really? I just came from a 718 Boxster before owning this, and that is not a car that comes to mind when driving it…ever! LOL. Agree with you on BSM. It’s downright terrible. It was recommended that I put on the cameras on the dash, but it still makes you look to the center console…not acceptable. That’s my only safety gripe with it. Opted to pass on the FSD for the Y because, like you guys said, it’s constantly changing and I didn’t want to pay TESLA to work for them as a tester like I’m doing on my 3…I really wanted the Audi e-tron, but when I was buying, it was a disaster roll-out for Audi, and the charging time is abysmal. I needed it for long trips. TESLA is ideal. Comparing the two, I prefer driving my 3 over the Y….seating position, handling, etc…the Y, to me, feels stiffer than my 3. However, I just put new tires on the 3 as I got two flats at once! The non-OEM tires are much better than before (P7s). Looking forward to the tech improving from the competition! Enjoy the holidays!

  17. Ironically I switched from 20 years of BMW’s over to a Tesla Model 3 and couldn’t be happier with the experience. So happy, i already have 60k miles on it. I guess BMW ownership can do that as you just get so tired of fluid flushes, the electric fuel & water pump failures, vanos ticking sounds, timing chain stretch, etc…

  18. Genius, unless you realized, you put Teslas sytem further down, not because of actual performance but because it did not watch the driver as much. Not a true representation of the systems performance. Your weighting of the different characteristics was all screwed up.

  19. Jake is right, Model 3/Y feels like my Porsche Boxster.

  20. Wow. I’m a lifelong CR person-look me up, subscribe to this day. I am a Tesla Model S owner. I love them both. This is an insane review. Selecting bad emails is not good. Pick my email instead. I had a problem with the S. I used my app and set up an appointment. I got daily updates on the parts ordered. When one part wasn’t getting in on time, they notified me 3 days in advance to change my appointment, which they did for me and gave me time options. I did that. Free (under warranty). AMAZING service. In other words, I didn’t show up and have some guy tell me the parts weren’t in. Compare to Toyota (I had a Prius). Daily emails trying to sell me xyz (no update on anything that they weren’t selling). Can’t get an appointment. Show up and they can’t even fix a recall etc… I infact showed up and had a part issue not being there. UGH! Also, I shopped the Rav4Prime and the dealership was so horrible (Morristown, NJ) as they tried to sneak in x and y blah (you’ve seen it). If you want to be insulted in terms of your IQ, keep going to traditional automakers. CR, please. If you talk service, talk about the WHOLE picture. Talk about the RAV4 Prime Gas Tank for an hour cause if you want to talk issues-the same that plagued my Prius- exists to this day in the RAV4. I couldn’t fill up my gas tank beyond 2.5 gallons? Did they fix it-no! Did I have to pay-yes! Seriously, be objective. There is something about CR and Tesla that really is weird.

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